Hypercitizens overcome fear

Overcoming fear of the end result can help business leaders enjoy the path to their goals.

In an evolving and shrinking world, it is our responsibility to build a fearless hypercitizenship. Hypercitizens are cosmopolitan, charitable and entrepreneurial, and my hypercitizenship is based on a scientific and educated business model.

Hypercitizens think conceptually, work smart and not hard, have multilingual skills and are judgment free as they navigate goals and differences in others that are insignificant to the evolving hypercitizenship. These individuals have clear and challenging, measurable goals that are accomplished through energy rich, enthusiastic and limitless ambition.

Fearless hypercitizens achieve success with neither doubt nor hesitation. If fear appears, it never becomes bigger than the ambition, and fear never stands in the way of action.

Fears are driven in business by such things as safety nets and comfort zones. While businesspeople often make decisions based on continuing their stable financial or sales situation, hypercitizens push themselves beyond what they see as limitation.

Hypercitizenship is the unlimited horizon of passion to turn knowledge into wealth, to develop leadership skills to expand intangible wealth and to have the talent and power to live richly by investing globally.

Andrea Pitasi, Ph.D., is an author, scholar and business consultant who specializes in international strategic planning. Professor Pitasi is a tenured associate of sociology of intellectual property law at Gabriele d’Annunzio University and the life honorary president of the World Complexity Science Academy. He also is president of the Hypercitizen Investment Club. For more information, email¬†profpitasi@gmail.com or visit www.hypercitizen.com, www.hyperinvestmentclub.org or http://www.wcsaglobal.org.

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