Is Apple’s headset a game-changer?

By Jake Perez, Editor at LinkedIn News

Reaction to Apple’s Vision Pro — its augmented reality headset that was years in the making — was “all over the place,” according to GameSpot, with much of it due to the $3,499 price tag. Still, many consumers see its deep potential, especially in the tech giant’s hands. Twitch’s games chief, although underwhelmed by how little gaming factored into the unveiling, distilled the significance by saying Apple “just committed to making a new market.” And, without alluding to the metaverse or Web3, Apple’s move breathes new life into augmented and virtual reality, including AR/VR startups that have seen investment languish in favor of generative AI, per the Financial Times. Its main competitor is likely to be Meta, with its Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets.

  • Launching in early 2024, the device is controller-free and is managed with eyes, hands and voice.
  • “It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at,” said CEO Tim Cook.
  • Disney and Apple are partnering to bring streaming service Disney+ to the Vision Pro headset.
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Rosalia H.

📣📣#Apple releases it’s much awaited vision pro headset to some collective Booos over the pricing (cost $3499- don’t know if this includes all their cables 🙈), which is on par with some enterprise version of instruments – these are the main competitors to the Vision Pro, but they all focus on enterprise solutions.

• ⁠#varjo XR-3 – $6495 (plus $1495 yearly subscription)
• ⁠#Microsoft Hololens 2 – $3500
• ⁠Magic Leap 2 – $3299

What’s interesting is that they haven’t really advertised the connection to the #Metaverse, even though it’s foray into this arena will make waves.

Will be interesting to watch the #innovations this drives in this space.

How excited are you excited about this? Meh 🫤 or Yaay 🤘🏽

The crowd at the unveiling of Apple’s Vision Pro headset let out a collective groan when they found out how wildly expensive it was



Jaden Amos
Editor at Axios


🍏 Apple showed enough of its Vision Pro headset yesterday to spark excitement — but it will probably take another year or so to know if we have truly entered a new era of “spatial computing,” as the company calls it.

Be smart: The device won’t ship till “early next year.” That means more time will pass between now and the Vision Pro’s arrival than has already passed since the launch of ChatGPT till now.

Driving the news: Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the $3,499 Vision Pro at the company’s worldwide developer conference Monday, painting a picture of a device that can seamlessly overlay the digital and real worlds.

The real question is whether Apple has managed to succeed where others have so far failed.

👀 Will the Vision Pro take off or flop like the rest?

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