Is Your Data Safe And Secure?

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There are so many scare stories surrounding data breaches and infiltrations. Cyber attacks, hackers and spam calls are every company’s nightmare. Every company is at risk of these data breaches. It could mean the loss of years of hard work. Worse, it could mean the exploitation of sensitive and confidential data. This is particularly a problem if you collect and store data from your customers.

It’s more important than ever that you take steps to prevent data infiltration. For your own peace of mind, it’s worth following the steps laid out below. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your data is tightly locked away. You won’t lose years of work and there will be no angry calls or lawsuits! Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to stop spam calls, and just as importantly, keep data safe and secure.

Back it up – Data back up should be a regular and essential part of your routine. We suggest using a number of different methods to backup data. First of all, always keep a hard copy of important documents. Sensitive data, confidential files and accounts ought to be kept locked in a secure file. This is financing basics. We also suggest using a cloud backup service to store files online. Finally, use an external hard-drive to back up your local data.

Encrypt it, hide it behind firewalls and change your passwords. – Hackers are becoming more sophisticated. It’s really important that you use digital barriers to prevent a security breach. The first thing to do is encrypt any sensitive data. This means scrambling information into a code. Only the correct encryption key can translate it back to its original form. Install firewalls around confidential data and change your passwords. It such a simple thing but makes a huge difference.

Use a third party data center – If you collect a lot of data, we suggest using a third party data center. A company like Tierpoint in Dallas is all set up for super secure data collection. These third parties will host servers and hard drives full of data. It’s a great way to ensure your data is protected by the very best security measures.

Keep your software up to date – How often do you ignore the system update pop-up on your computer? We all ignore it every now and then. There’s just not enough time to let it update! Unfortunately this is a really bad habit to get into. One of the biggest reasons for these updates is the tightening up of loopholes. The developers will fix any security gaps and make your system more secure. Whether it’s the main operating system or software like Adobe or Flash, update it as soon as it pops up.

Data breaches are a very real threat and can be devastating to businesses. Even the biggest companies in the world are not immune to the troubles. Unfortunately, data exploits reach the news on a regular basis. Take every step possible to make sure your company isn’t the next big business in the news. Each of the tips here are fairly simple, straightforward processes. Which one could you implement now?

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