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Norm Blumenthal – an attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. Norm was inducted and recognized as one of America’s Most Trusted Lawyers in Employment Law.

You Pick—Chaos or Order for Justice
1. Woman’s Right to Control Her Body
2. Election Fraud
3. Inflation

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Bert Martinez: Happy New Year, Everyone, I’m grateful that you’re here. It’s gonna be a great show. On the show today, we have Norm Blumenthal. Norm Blumenthal As an attorney for workers and consumers like you and I, selected as one of the top attorneys in Southern California, Norm was also inducted and recognized as one of America’s most trusted lawyers in employment law. 

Norm Blumenthal. Welcome back. 

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: Well, nice to be back, Bert. And, we’re ready to go. And, this is an election year, so I want to be in a position where we get out as much information to the people out there so they make the right decision in who they vote for. 
And, I wanna start off with the one overriding issue that should be on everybody’s mind, before they go to the polls, which is a woman’s right to control her body. If this is woke, whatever woke is, I wanna be woke because a woman has to have the right to control her body, and anybody that would vote against that has to you can’t vote for. 
That’s an issue with a full stop. If you’re a woman, I don’t even think that there’s any question you should devote to anybody that’s running against a woman’s right. To control your own body, and I vote as a man to support that position, and I think everybody should. So everybody for local office, governors, Senators, congressmen, state any state office or city office where they can put this, into effect where they can control this woman’s right to control her own body, you know, and that she wants to have an abortion to have. There has to be a situation here where that’s just the bridge that’s too far. So I wanna put that point out there.

Bert Martinez: Well, and to add to that point, this supreme court that overturned decades of law Is I think I think that was a mistake for them. I think that decision took us back, what, 50, 60 years? It’s a profoundly disturbing decision, and I think I personally agree with you. I don’t think I woke up. I think it’s what I think every human being would want. They would want to have control over their body, Male or female. 

And I think that some people out there make it out to be like women are out there having abortions and maybe there might be a small percentage of women that don’t value life, but I think the majority of women do not take this decision lightly. It’s not like they’re being flippant about it. And also look at what we see in Texas.

Here’s a woman who is dying. She is dying if she doesn’t get an abortion And, in a bunch of men, the attorney general and the supreme, and then the appellate court in Texas, even though this woman is on her deathbed have ruled that she can’t have an abortion. Even though that is one of the exceptions to the current abortion scenario. So I’m confused.

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal:Yeah. And they also can put the doctor in prison. So it is out of control, and it’s out of control, and it’s our fault. And everybody out there has to take responsibility for their vote. They have to get out there and vote out of office. The governor of Texas, if you’re in Texas. Governor of Ohio, if you’re in Ohio. 
Any Republican Who’s in office that stands for, denying a woman’s right to control her own body? It’s an automatic out of office. And so and it’s the Republicans that are doing this, and so you gotta vote democratic. 
I mean, that’s where your only safety valve is unless you find a republican that’s in favor of women’s right to control their own bodies. The reason we’re here is is the Republicans have garnered enough votes because of other issues, that allowed them to put 3 judges on the, Supreme Court, give them majority of 6, and this is what we’re left We got these, crazies up there who, have no concept of what stare decisis is, which is the they went in. They lied in their interviews when they said they believed in Sorry, Decisis. Well, obviously, they didn’t. They must have had their fingers crossed because all of them intended to get rid of Roe, And they were successful. And look at what we have now.
State control over it, and the chance that at the federal level, They’ll vote to have a denial of a woman’s right to choose, across the country. This is frightening. And so, people have to take a stand there. 
Now we can all agree on all that, and then there’s also Issues with that is everybody has a chance that in the future here to lose their Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, prescription drug coverage, because all of those rights are subject to the, republicans. 
And if they get control of the presidency in both houses, there’s gonna be a reduction or loss of these social services that have been in effect since, the new deal took us out of the depression that started in 1929. 
But my main focus today is on the fact that we here could be in the same position that other countries have been in in the past, where the economies have been destroyed as a result of putting an autocrat into office. And I think we can all agree that Trump’s gonna be the nominee for the republicans, And Biden’s gonna be the nominee for the Democrats. And there’s gonna be some third parties in there, but the main event is one of those 2 will become president.
So you have to think of what the ramifications of all of this are. And when you think about it, think about your pocketbook. Because you could end up if you vote for Trump and he and you put an autocrat in the office, You could end up where the people of, to give some examples. Let’s take Turkey for example. Turkey had a thriving economy, low inflation, and full employment. And, they put, Erdogan in, and now their inflation rate’s 65%. Sick that’s 65% per year their prices go up. That’s true, that’s turkey.
Just think about that, but then think that it was a thriving economy with low low inflation. Think about Venezuela. Another example. You know, history, if you don’t study it, will repeat itself. In Venezuela, when Maduro came in, that was a thriving economy, an oil rich country, solid work. People were making a decent living. The inflation rate now, in Venezuela, since they’ve come into office, it’s been 3,600% average per year. That’s astronomical.
Basically, you have no economy. He they’ve destroyed that country. Another example, and this goes back to Peron in Argentina. During the 2nd World War in the 19 forties, before Peron came in, Argentina was on the gold standard. It had one of the most stable economies in the world. Perron came in and started printing money. And since then, they’ve averaged, inflation rate has been 94% per year. So every year, your money is worth half as much, but obviously, salaries don’t go up, and You’re living in a destroyed economy.
Now what has Biden done? Let’s look at what he’s done since he’s come into office. Right now, at our inflation rate we have 8,800,000 jobs open, and our gross domestic product has increased, over this last year over 5% this past year. So that’s where we are. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 
Trump has already told us that he wants to be dictator. If Trump comes in and he becomes dictator and there’s another election, He’s gonna say it’s rigged, and he’ll invoke the Insurrection. Insurrection act, he’ll invoke that and stay in office. There’s actually a law for that.
So you’re looking at a potential dictator for life if you vote for Trump again. So just think about that. Here’s a guy that’s facing 91 charges of violating the law, and people believe he should be president. He has this following, that is, it’s unexplainable, Bert. It’s just unexplainable.

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Bert Martinez: It is unexplainable, and what’s so funny is it’s unexplainable even to the Trump supporters. They can’t wrap their minds around it. The, and to your point, it’s also unexplainable how our society’s thinking has changed so drastically. Come on, if you and I, You know, said, hey, we want to be a dictator, even just for a day. We’re just gonna be a dictator for a day. That would kill our political career. 

And now we have something straight out of a movie, for anybody who is a Star Wars fan, you know, there’s a one of the prequels there’s a point where the heroine says this is how democracy dies with thundering applause because, the sneaky bad guy dictator fools everybody into giving them these special powers. And this is exactly what Trump would wanna do.

He would want special emergency powers to protect us. And we are a democracy in a republic for a reason, and you have these leaders that are in power that are so far right that they have lost their moral compass. When you can, when you have a group of lawmakers who are sitting there and making light, and in some cases, completely ignoring the truth of what would happen January 6th, And they’re saying, oh, this is all fake? That these people who died are all fake? What the video is showing you is all fake, and then you have the the leader of the GOP, mister Trump, who is saying the January 6th hostages, And that he’s going to pardon all of them? We are doing things backwards. There is no explanation other than, you know, this is evil at its best.

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: Well, it’s it’s. It’s unexplainable that people in their right mind could watch what happened that day. You know, just watch the January 6th investigation. Watch the film that’s there. And they’re saying that, though, this was a love fest. I think that’s what Trump called it, where people died, and people believe that, no. None of this is true. It was an FBI staged event. That’s the new, new thing to do.
Where did they come up with this information? Just watch the films and the people that He can get he can control. If he becomes president again, he will have his own military force under the Insurrection Act to stay in for life. That’s how frightening it is. He’ll let out of jail all the participants. On January 6th, there’d be his stormtroopers, and there’ll be a loss of faith in the US dollar. And that’s how it’s fragile because it really it’s not on a gold standard. And the reason people have their money in dollars is because it’s safe around the world. It’s the fiat currency. People do all their trades in dollars because it’s a stable currency, and it’s been a stable currency, and people can trust it.
That trust will be lost if Trump is elected. The dollars that you have will go it’ll the inflation will be such that the job that you have, whatever it’s paying, won’t be enough to meet your bills. Right now, If you lived in this country, and a family of 4 living in, Fort Worth, Texas can can live comfortably On $80,000 a year. You have 2 people working, 40,000 each. That’s $20 an hour now is the living wage, which in California, we’re slowly approaching it as the minimum But in Texas, this is what you could live on. And just imagine if your if your salary is $80,000 a year, And that $80,000 in as a matter of of a minute can be worth $40,000, and that’s That’s the kind of of of inflation you could have if Trump were to get into power because the rest of the world will lose faith in him. He will leave NATO. He will not join any other group.
He is we we already know that he’s his hands open to take money from those that’ll, give it to him to support views that we otherwise wouldn’t. Right. It’s a frightening thought that he garners so much support, for, you know, being an entertainer. None of which is true. He’s Still saying the election was rigged in 2020, which we all know was not true.

Bert Martinez: To clarify this, It’s not Democrats that are saying that the election wasn’t rigged or that there was, these are Republicans. We’re talking about Trump’s own cybersecurity, what do you call it, appointee, basically said there was no election fraud. 

Bill Barr, his Attorney general, said there was no election fraud. The list of Republicans In high ranking offices, in cabinets, and so on who have, who have looked at the data and said there was no election fraud. 

Former president Trump he hired not 1, but 2 different auditing firms, and both of these firms have stated unequivocally there was no massive, fraud, that the amount of fraud that they found is the normal amount of fraud that we find every year, which is this tiny minuscule percentage, like a couple of 100, maybe a couple of 1,000 that were perpetrated by both parties. 

The democrats and the republicans and blah blah blah, but it was, there was no massive election fraud, the results. And again, if you wanna go down, if you wanna just believe Republicans, then just believe the Republicans. 

What is frightening to me, Norm, is that no matter what the evidence shows, you still have former President Trump lying about the election fraud, And you have this this growing party within the Republican Party, The this tribe who are also supporting Trump no matter what the cost, and Stefanik who was just doing an interview, they asked her straight out, are you going to, Would you be willing to certify the election no matter who wins? She would not answer that question. And she was asked 2 or 3 times, you guys look up the interview. She refused to answer that question. It’s a simple yes or no. This is such a weird, unprecedented event where 1 person, regardless of the evidence, has blinded the people.

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: Yeah. Democracy is a fragile, very fragile form of government, And it’s much easier to have a dictator than to not have one, because then you don’t have to think about everything we’re talking about because we wouldn’t be able to talk like this. You lose your freedom of being able to talk. You’d lose all your freedoms and you know, the fact of African Americans, he wants to create a white racist state. I mean, they should think twice. The Latinos, they should think twice before they would vote for Trump. Everybody who  is out there. And then if you’re a Caucasian, you should think twice because what you’re gonna be left with is the value of your dollar is going to deteriorate, and it’s going to be worthless because the full faith and credit of the United States will not be there because who could trust a man in office who got their own lies.
And you can’t, you can’t believe the truth will prevail. At some point the truth will prevail. 

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Bert Martinez: And I agree with you, and the truth is prevailing, we’re seeing it. And I wanna add, not only is he getting there on lies, But let’s not forget, there is violence. Now I’m not talking about Jan, just January 6th. 

I’m talking about anybody that is opposing Trump. We’ve seen Trump give out addresses of witnesses, addresses of judges. People are showing up threatening Individuals, look how they destroyed, the, what is it, mosque, and I can’t remember it’s it’s, anyway, the 2 election workers were completely destroyed their lives and I hope that they get some of that $140,000,000, what do you call it, damages that that they got so far. But we’re talking about not just lies, but violence. Let’s not forget the violence that has been involved.

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: And the sad part of it is that they are just all made up. And then at that point in time, You don’t see people that support democracy out there committing acts or threatening acts of violence to protect democracy because democracy should be the prevailing way of life that we have in this country. 
And I think everybody is at a loss as to why there is this idea of supporting 1 man, one rule. And that’s where we’re headed is one man, one rule, and the fact that people would support it is a frightening frightening frightening thought. And it just comes down that you can’t vote for anybody who supports Trump, because all they are is an acolyte for him. And they’re just gonna repeat what he says, and so and that automatically Makes them to the point where you can’t vote for them. Just as anyone who would, would not support a woman’s right to choose, You can’t vote for them.
And so there’s certain opinions that just preclude everybody’s ability to vote for them. And, you know, we’re talking about everybody’s pocket book, everybody’s economics. It’s a frightening thing when you watch what’s happening. Really, Biden has done a wonderful job of bringing inflation down and the gross domestic product up, and unemployment is down to the lowest levels we’ve seen. And right now, the Fed is talking about cutting interest rates back 2, 3, 4, 6 times this year, with 20 I think that so that’s an extra. If it’s four times that’s 1 a half percent cut, and so we’ll be back to having lower interest rates again At a time when we have a prospering economy. So all the good things are in place for us to have a thriving economy. If we keep, you know, our president in office and let him do what he’s been doing And put Trump out of here once and for all, and maybe they’ll let a real trial go on to so that he exposes With the jury verdict, his culpability for committing crimes, against the, of this country.

Bert Martinez: Absolutely correct. You know, it reminds me of the quote, and I don’t know who said it, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people. I think the original was good men, but good people to do nothing. This is a ride, this is a call for everybody to get out there and vote. Vote, And keep our democracy safe. We cannot do anything. I’m asking you to be courageous, get out there on social media, and push the truth, not asking you to get into a fight, not asking people to get into a heated discussion and calling names and causing contention. But the bottom line is we can all do something besides voting. We can push out the truth on social media.

Yes. You’re gonna get some pushback, but the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. We certainly cannot Allow that.

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: And it’s unfortunate we’re seeing we’re starting the primary season where all these people are in Iowa and New Hampshire. I mean, they have a choice. Unfortunately, their choices besides Trump are poor, but they do have a choice not to vote for Trump. And so they at least start out with the proposition under no circumstances in any of these primaries should anybody vote for Trump regardless of the alternate candidates, but in any event, he should not be the one that should receive the votes. 
And, hopefully, it’ll work, but apparently, he’s gonna be the republican nominee. As sad as that may be for president, and so the only choice is to vote for Biden. And so that’s just the starting point, but everything else, you know, falls downhill. You need a democratic congress to protect, from basically making, any type of, of birth control for women Illegal, and that’s where they’re headed.
I mean, that is really where they’re headed. It’s a crazy world here where they wanna subjugate women again, to these kinds of controls that should never exist to begin with. And the economy, if Trump gets reelected, will be a disaster overnight. 
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Bert Martinez: Overnight. And here’s the deal you’re telling me, and you and I had talked about this back last time we spoke, where I think Trump should be removed off the ballot because of all the crap that he’s done, all the violence, all the false rhetoric, All the threats. The fact that he is facing 90 plus, what do you call it? charges, felony charges. The fact that January 6th, you know, we’ve had over a 1000 people who have been charged, literally, across the 50 states, about 800 of those have been convicted. If you look At the totality of the bodies involved, look at everybody that has touched Trump. In fact, that’s the slogan, you touch Trump and you die. look at all the attorneys that are involved, who have currently lost their license or currently trying to keep their license. Some have been, some have been, convicted for some of the stuff that they’ve done. Trump is a real attorney. I mean, you’re talking about the former president of the United States And you’re talking about a man who’s fairly wealthy.

He cannot get good legal representation. He’s not getting representation from a top tier firm. He’s not getting representation from the top 100 firms. He’s not getting representation from the top 1,000 firms. He’s so toxic that they don’t wanna touch him. Only these very, I what’s the word I wanted to say? Inexperienced attorneys will touch him, desperate attorneys will touch him, but guys damage. Again, attorney general, attorney general William Barr said, Again, for those who are not familiar, he was the attorney general. Trump said, if you look At the body of the wreckage left behind talking, it is mind blowing. Just from the wreckage of this man should not guard support.

Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: There’s I don’t know that’s gonna happen, but our choice is Biden. We have someone in office who can handle this for another 4 years, and Trump will be done by then. He’ll be in prison. And so we won’t have to worry about him anymore, but he’s a cult leader. This is the cult. Like, you know, Jimmy Jones had those people in South America actually, killed themselves. I mean, it’s frightening how stupid people can be. 
I mean and the rest of the world is gonna see this country as in a position where they wouldn’t wanna have their money in dollars, in US dollars, and it’s gonna destroy our economy. That’s the bottom line I wanna leave everybody with. A vote for Trump There’s a vote for destruction of the US economy, and the destruction of the value of your dollars and your assets. So whoever you are, think about your pocketbook. If you don’t think about anything else, remember, it’s the economy, stupid.

Bert Martinez: Yeah. I agree with you. I like that. Listen, simple. Below is your pocketbook. What would be best for your family? And I think that, most would for America. Norm we’re out of time. I wanna say thank you so much for stopping by.

This has been Such a great discussion. I think that this is something that everybody thinks about in American lives. People are concerned when you have this much chaos and uncertainty, that in itself should give people pause. This is not normal. This kind of negative energy is not normal, and people should really study this, and like you said, let’s bring this back down to the granular. Follow your pocketbook. What’s gonna be best for you and your business, for you and your family’s income? And anyway, Norm, I wanna say thank you so much for stopping by.

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Lawyer Norm Blumenthal: Thank you, Bert. You take care. I’ll talk to you next month.

Bert Martinez: Alright. Good stuff there from Norm Blumenthal, Norm Blumenthal, an attorney for workers and consumers. 

You know, guys, We’re passionate about America. We may not agree on everything, but I would love to hear your take. Can we have somebody that represents the Republican Party that’s better than Trump? Give me a yes or no. Give me your thoughts, good, bad, or ugly. Let’s share this episode with everyone you know. Let’s start this conversation.

And that’s what we wanna do. We want a conversation. We don’t want a bunch of hate going back and forth. It’s not going to change anybody’s mind. 

And remember, you were created to succeed.







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