Financial Literacy in Memes: How Humor Teaches us to Borrow Money

Learning Finances with Fun: What Borrow Money Memes Teach Us?

We all borrow cash from time to time. Friends, banks, credit cards – it doesn’t matter since we’re all in this together. Wrong financial decisions catch us off guard.

Recognize yourself: a late evening, you sit in front of your bills and expired cards, realizing that I need 2000 dollars by tomorrow. Familiar situation, isn’t it? Such cases are just consequences of wrong actions.

See these memes about borrowing money, and discover how financial experts advise fixing such common mistakes.

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Taking Cash from Friends and Relatives


What’s wrong?

Never mix friends and money. Taking such a responsibility, you risk ruining your friendship and embarrass close people. You’ll pass through several inconvenient and risky situations:

  • the close person will likely agree to lend you a sum. Well, it doesn’t mean they don’t survive hard times themselves. Unlike strangers, friends just cannot refuse you;
  • any delay on your part would bring even more inconvenience. However, relatives cannot influence it and force you to pay;
  • in case of refusal, you risk ruining warm relations. Never make your relatives feel guilty;

Despite you getting plenty of advantages – no interest rate and tough terms, using close people as lenders isn’t the best idea.


Nowadays, there are plenty of sources to obtain cash from. In addition to banks, you can use private services, direct lenders, and credit cards. We got used to avoiding such institutions, but does it make any sense? Now, all your information and transactions are protected, and you get clear data concerning terms of repayment and the rate of interest.

There’s nothing to worry about borrowing money online. Better than making your friends feel uncomfortable refusing you.

Expecting Debts to Disappear by Magic


Avoid This:

Don’t expect your debts to take care of themselves. Any loan is a responsibility to the lender, your family, and your budget.

In a critical situation, we often act in a hurry and don’t reflect on the consequences. No matter how urgent the issue is, you still are to assume control of the finances. Especially now, when the interest rate for credits is rising, think twice before any transaction. Be realistic in making a decision and don’t blame anyone for your financial troubles.

Do this:

Instead of complaining about expenses and debts, better count your real opportunities. Planning a loan, use the rate of interest calculators. They show the real sum you’ll repay to the lender, together with the percentage.

Before making any decision, check several services to find the best conditions. Have a schedule to note all payments. Always remind yourself about the consequences and responsibility you take.

This meme on borrowing money teaches us responsibility and awareness in budgeting.

Starting Business without a Smart Plan



Don’t expect business to be so easy. Entrepreneurship requires realistic plans and calculations.

Avoid impossible expectations starting your venture, and count on real numbers. This aspect is critical when you invest in the startup and especially dangerous if you take business loans.


Borrow money memes seem absurd, but we rarely understand that our actions aren’t better sometimes. Before starting a business and applying for entrepreneur loans, predict possible risks and count your opportunities. Bright ideas aren’t enough.

Start with financial education and learn how to invest wisely. Before making your own project, work with other entrepreneurs and learn how investments work. Create a strict plan and discuss it with experts before making steps.

Neglecting Credit Score



Taking credits one by one, we forget about the consequences and focus on present troubles. However, each debt is recorded in our history and form the rate. Each time you miss the payment or expire the debt, your score is lowering.

What’s at stake? So many aspects of life to think about:

  • your credit applications to banks will likely be declined. You can easily see it by this borrow money meme;
  • your card’s rate of interest will rise;
  • conditions for present debts would worsen;


Responsibility for your finances solves many issues. If you plan to apply for a loan, care about your credit rate and take steps for its improvement. If you cannot repay some debts at once, cover small issues like phone bills and forgotten payments.

If there’s no way out, and you need loans now urgently, use private lenders instead of banks. Unlike national organizations, they don’t require much info and make you pass only the soft inquiry for approval.

Ignoring the World Situation


Prevent this:

We got used to living a high life. Trips, presents, new clothes and going out seem usual practice. But things change due to the world’s tendencies. Some people prefer to stay blind and ignore the situation, rather than solving it.

By doing this:

If you suffered from the economic crisis, remain sober and value your opportunities. Most probable, you have to refuse some of the life aspects, and care of saving and investing. This also applies to borrowing: you cannot predict the situation in the future, so taking loans isn’t the best idea in the uncertainty.

Memes on borrowing money can teach us A LOT. Sharing personal experience, the authors show us how to avoid wrong decisions. Stay sharp during hard times, and don’t let difficulties change your lifestyle. Right financial steps are a key to success.

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