Make Intelligent Use Of Graphics To Increase The Effectiveness Of Trade Show Displays

Graphics play a huge role in a trade show pop up banner display for gaining the attention of the audience and communicating with them.  Graphics help to create the most critical first impression of the audience, and this can be a challenging task for exhibitors.  You get only three seconds to impress the audience by drawing their attention to drive home the key message. Graphics are much more than just pretty images, and you must know what to include in the graphics to communicate effectively with the audience.

Trade show displays are mostly about graphics that use digital technology to create a language of communication by using images, videos, infographics and other aesthetic elements.  The agency that helps you out with trade show booth rentals should also assist in creating impressive displays. To make the graphics used in trade show displays work for you, you must focus on the following.

Size matters

The size of graphics matters a lot, and it has a relation to the size of the display. Also, you have to consider the purpose of the graphics, the reading distance, type of graphics and above all your budget.  The trick to making graphics work for you lies in its presentation. You can choose between huge wall murals running into several feet or smaller frames of images held together in a collage to create a connection with the audience.  However, as a rule, single large images are more effective than using multiple small ones.

Placement affects performance

Although you might choose excellent graphics of optimal size, its performance depends on where you place it.  The placement is again dependent on the purpose for which you have created the graphics, its size, and legibility because visibility is a crucial factor in deciding the ultimate impact of graphics. To help the audience find your location at the trade show venue, you can use long-range graphics that are big and visible clearly from a distance. A huge hanging display with the company logo is ideal. To increase the visibility, you can use blowers that make banners wave to further attract the audience.

Concise messaging

If you follow the rules of readability, then you must restrict the written content to six words or less on a single screen. Avoid cramming the space with too much content as it causes distraction and defeats the purpose of communication. Leaving blank spaces around the graphics give breathing time to viewers who can quickly grasp short and concise messages.  If it takes more than 3 seconds to read the graphics, then you must make it short.

Contrasting colors work well

For increasing the effectiveness of graphics, use colors that contrast with the background color. Whether it is dark over light or vice versa, the choice is yours. An easy way to choose contrasting colors is to use the color wheel that places the contrasting colors opposite to one another.

To stay ahead in the graphics game, you have to pay attention to messaging, placement and color.


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