Move Over Agents, Ray Reynolds Talent is in Town!

imageTribeca is known for being the biggest bustling movie business neighborhood in Manhattan. Everyone who is anyone has an office there including the legendary Weinstein Company.  I had the pleasure of visiting their gorgeous office with all of their accolades and awards.  Ridley Scott’s RSA films, also has an office close by.  In other words, this is the place to be if you are in the film industry.

Luckily for us, Tribeca has a new kid in town. His name is Ray Reynolds.  Ray has been involved with the entertainment industry for some time now.  This new business venture of his has been in development for the past year and is up and running.  His office is located in the heart of Tribeca. I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Reynolds this week.  We visited a quaint new rustic cozy Greek restaurant close to the office called “The Greek”. We met the owner Mr. Tom Galis, and he treated us very well.  He poured me a very generous glass of sparkling champagne! My conversation with Mr. Reynolds went something like this:

Laura: Ray what made you want to start “Ray Reynolds Talent”?

Mr. Reynolds:  Good question. I saw that there was a need for actors to get representation without jumping through hoops. They can have an agent that is always available and can drop in on. My agency is for actors experienced and those lacking experience. They just have to be in a position to make a total commitment to the business.

Laura: How long have you been in the entertainment business, and what are some of your qualities that set you apart from the rest?

Mr. Reynolds: Seven years. The big difference is, I like to sit down with my clients and try to understand their professional needs and then move on from there. I give each client a good amount of time and invite them back to talk some more after they have thought things through. Many new clients don’t really understand the industry and it can take a while for each actor to fully comprehend the business.

Laura: I’m hearing that a lot lately: “People don’t understand the business.” Why is that you think?

Mr. Reynolds: The business is not centralized, and people get information from their friends which is usually false or inaccurate.  If they work directly with their agent they are better off.

Laura:  Can you give me an example?

Mr. Reynolds: I don’t want to give away all my secrets, but one example could be in regards to the union and it’s rules.

Laura: What else is in store for Rey Reynolds Talent in 2014?

Mr. Reynolds: The SAG-AFTRA application was sent in so I can become union franchised.

Laura: Why is that important?

Mr. Reynolds: The best jobs are union.

Laura: Is there anything else you would like like to add about your agency?

Mr. Reynolds: Sure. I like to meet with talent face to face and keep an open door policy with them. I am currently looking for new talent and am seeking serious hardworking actors.

Laura: Thank you Ray! It has been a pleasure speaking with you and best wishes!

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