Porch Pirates Beware! Arrive Point is About to Bring Package Theft to a Much-Needed Halt

Arrive is leading the way in revolutionizing the package delivery industry


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – (October 4, 2023) – Anyone who has ever ordered anything to be delivered to the home knows all too well they may never receive their goods. Sure, they are hopeful when they place the order, but we all know package theft is a massive problem in the industry, so we may not get what we ordered. The industry’s biggest problem is about to get met head-on as Arrive revolutionizes the industry, providing a safe and secure delivery acceptance option for homeowners, businesses, and anyone who wants to ensure they get their packages.

“Everyone wants to be able to rely upon delivery methods and know that when they order something, it will not be stolen off their porch,” says Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “We will soon launch the answer to the porch pirate problem, and people will love it.”

Arrive will soon be offering a smart and secure Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform for residential and commercial use, which has the power to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to reshape the entire industry. It has been designed to address the common issues that plague the delivery process, helping to streamline it and make it more secure. The smart mailboxes will be rolled out in late 2023, and will be compatible with all types of major delivery carriers, as well as autonomous delivery.

According to the New York Times, around 220 million packages are stolen from front porches each year around the country. Approximately 1.7 million packages are stolen daily, leaving people to wonder what happened to them. This leads to companies often having to replace or refund the item that was never received, which costs corporations millions. It leads to a lack of trust in the system by those who placed the order, and people don’t receive the goods they need, some of which could be medications.

Porch pirates, as they are referred to, are stealing packages at alarming rates. The metro areas that experience the most theft include San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, and Milwaukee. Those areas are experiencing high rates of porch package theft.

Those placing the orders quickly become fed up and are trying to find solutions. Many people turn to installing cameras at their homes or businesses so they can catch the person stealing the packages. The problem with this is cameras do not deter thieves. They only record the theft. Most porch pirates are wise to the fact that there are cameras, so they cover their faces or use other methods to disguise themselves. Even when people do have video of the packages being stolen, few thieves are caught or prosecuted, showing it is not the solution people deserve.

Another option to make delivery more secure is requiring a signature upon delivery. However, this needs to address the issue adequately because it is an added expense and burden for the delivery service and an inconvenience for the recipient. After all, they have to ensure they are home to receive the delivery.

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Other proposed solutions are tracking apps that allow the recipient to monitor where the package is in the delivery process ensure they are home when it is expected. The issue with this idea is that the sender has to input the tracking information, people have to hope that it is accurate and up-to-date, and again, the recipient has the inconvenience of having to be home during the delivery window period.

“We offer a viable solution that addresses the common challenges to delivery,” O’Toole adds. “Our platform keeps it cost-effective for businesses and convenient for recipients. That’s a win-win solution for everyone!”

The Arrive patented technology accommodates most deliveries, including food, medication, and other items needing protection from porch pirates or adverse weather conditions. Deliveries are put into the weather-proof box via autonomous or traditional delivery; only the subscriber can access it. Plus, Arrive’s smart mailboxes enhance public safety by aiding emergency services in locating homes that have placed 9-1-1 calls. These mailboxes illuminate and visually guide emergency vehicles, reducing response time and potentially saving lives. This feature has earned support from first responders, recognizing its potential to streamline emergency responses.



Arrive is preparing for a public offering and has secured the Nasdaq ticker symbol: ARRV. The company’s smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (Maas) platform helps businesses and residents send and receive packages securely and safely. The company has announced several new partnerships across its MaaS (Mailbox as a Service) ecosystem, Hush AerospaceHEI Integrated SystemsJoule Case, and A2Z Drone Delivery.


To see videos of Arrive in action, visit New Arrive Smart Mailbox with Robotic Delivery, and Robodog Picks Up From Arrive. To learn more about Arrive, visit the site: https://www.arrive.tech/

About Arrive:

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., Arrive (formerly Dronedek) is revolutionizing autonomous last-mile delivery and pickup with its smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. The company empowers autonomous logistics to operate more efficiently by leveraging secure and climate-assisted cargo space, smart alerts, and chain of custody. The platform’s apps and APIs make it easy for partners and customers to use its features. Arrive has raised over $9 million from nearly 5,000 investors and forged strategic partnerships with several industry leaders. Learn more about Arrive’s innovative solutions at https://arrive.tech.



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