Protect The Kids All Year Round: Why The Sun Still Matters In Winter


The weather may be cold, but that doesn’t mean that you need less protection from the sun. Don’t let the cold weather fool you. You and your kids need protection from the sun throughout the year, even in the wintertime. The sun is dangerous, especially in high elevations and regions where there is ice and snow, as the sun’s rays reflect on the surface and can cause sunburn. This is the reason why sunburn on the nose and chin are common during the wintertime. 

Here are a few tips on how you can protect the kids throughout the year, especially in winter: 

  • Clothing choices – You can also protect your children’s skin from the sun by letting them wear appropriate clothing. Don’t leave the legs and arms exposed. There are specialty clothes available nowadays that offer UV protection. Invest in these types of clothing to give your children the best care that they deserve. 
  • Accessories – Accessories also play an important role in sun protection. Children’s eyes are more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays, as they have larger pupils. Protect your children’s eyes from the glare of the sun by letting them wear sunglasses with ultraviolet protection. Additionally, buy wide-brimmed hats that your children can wear outdoors while doing activities to protect the face, especially the nose, during winter. 
  • Water and juice – Although kids sweat less during winter, they still need to be hydrated. During the wintertime, give them juices that are low in sugar and high in vitamin C. Hot cocoa and decaffeinated tea are also wise choices, as they contain antioxidants that will help in strengthening the immune system of children. 
  • Lip balm – The lips must also be protected during winter. Because of the cold weather and the heat of the sun, children are prone to having chapped lips or windburn, which can hurt and be itchy. Apply petroleum-based lip balm with SPF protection to keep your children’s lips moist and protected during the winter. 
  • Eat right – Some types of food are better to eat, as they can fight sun damage and contain antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables can do a great job in fighting free radicals that are caused by sun damage. Make sure to serve your children their daily dose of fruits and vegetables. 

We always need protection from the sun, not just in the wintertime. If you can avoid the sun, do so. It is the best way to prevent sun damage among children. However, active children always want to spend time outdoors, which is why these useful tips will help you in protecting your children from the sun in the wintertime.


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