Relationships Guidelines: 3 Things That Lead to Uncontested Divorces


Marriage is a bond that is meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, some marriage cannot endure the challenges that come with it and regrettably, most married couples end up divorcing.

Challenges are part of this life and marriage is no exception. In fact, married people say that marriage is the most challenging part of their lives. The bitter truth is, partners have to stay strong and handle these challenges together. However, some challenges are too extreme and most marriages fail to survive through them.

Some of the most common reasons why marriages break and most couples end up getting Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma include:

  • Extramarital affairs- Adultery is the most common reason why couples part ways and file for divorce. When your partner chooses to betray you to an extent of having an affair, the bond between the two of you is broken and nothing can possibly mend that. Therefore, most partners opt for divorce.
  • Physical abuse – At no given time should a person be physically abusive to their partner or children. In fact, this kind of abuse is viewed as domestic violence in a court of law, something that is totally against the law. Divorce is the best way to rescue a victim from such a situation.
  • Mental Abuse – Your mental wellness is very important and in cases where you are mentally unfit due to emotional torture from your marriage, then there is no reason for you to stick around. Basically, anyone who doesn’t want to see you happy should not be part of your life. File for that divorce and live happily ever after.
  • Drug abuse and/or addiction –Drug abuse and addiction is a habit that has some adverse effects. Let’s face it, when one is addicted to drugs, taking good care of themselves is a challenge, let alone taking care of a household. Instead of spending time with their family, they spend more of their time getting high. Most partners cannot stand this and end up filing for divorce.

How to Finalize a Divorce Peacefully

When couples exchange their marriage vows, not a single one of them imagines that their marriage will come to an end at some point in their lives, right? Sadly, a good number of marriages do and there is nothing as emotionally draining as a divorce process.

However, where both partners are in agreement about the divorce, the process can be less stressful and time saving. It will also be an emotional burden lifted off the shoulders of the children (if any). Therefore, ensure that you both find relationship or divorce experts to guide you through the process. Especially is you have to remove an ex-spouse from title.

Your divorce mentor or mediator will ensure that you both communicate effectively, guiding you through all the court paper work, and educate you on your legal rights after the divorce. He/she can also make some suggestions and help you consider other options to resolve the underlying issue.



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