Six Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Maybe you’ve heard about this before but weren’t really certain if it was true. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money playing video games? This is a fantasy of millions of avid gamers around the world, but not many of them actively pursue the opportunities that exist for them. Well, now’s your chance.

There are numerous ways that you could actually make money playing video games (and you could turn around and tell your parents that yes, you can make some money doing this). We’re not necessarily talking about a living, but there are men and women out there who can make quite a good salary with their experience.

Six Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games
Pixabay – Six Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games
  1. Game Testing.

Game developers are constantly seeking testers. When you have a finished product in front of you, the game that actually works, you probably don’t even think much about it. Every so often you may discover a glitch or the game may freeze, but it’s rare. It’s still possible because codes for games are in the millions of lines of code; it’s almost impossible for a debugger to spot every potential issue. Plus, game developers want to know what is enjoyable, what makes sense, and what doesn’t seem to fit.

You could make pretty good money marketing yourself as a game tester, but you should find out more about it before trying to get your foot in the door because there’s a lot of competition.

  1.  Selling Videos.

If you’re good at a game, especially a higher level that can challenge most other people, you could take a video of your efforts, moving through the game, and make money on that. The money is made through advertising revenue on YouTube, but in order to actually make money with it you need to have commentary running over the entire video, commentary that speaks to the specifics about what and why you’re going the maneuvers you are.

  1. Unofficial Guides.

Some of the more complicated games have their own guides, but you might consider developing a guide and walkthrough. This isn’t an easy task as some of these can be 100 pages or more and are very detailed.

It doesn’t even have to be about video games themselves, but if you have specific tips that would help someone with online gaming or bingo, like Sky Vegas, for example, that could sell, too.

  1. Item Farming.

Some games will have you buying and selling virtual items you gather, find, unearth, steal, or collect through some other means. When you have to actually pay your hard-earned money for these items you buy from others, it means there’s an opportunity for you to sell.

  1. Sell Advanced Characters

While not permitted (officially or formally) with most games, there are ways you could sell characters that have been advanced with skills, weapons, or other characteristics. Based on the time it takes to build those characters up, though, and the money you might stand to gain from their sale, it’s really not something that’ll keep the lights on.

  1. Train for a Career.

While farfetched, it has happened, but don’t get your hopes up. However, you could gain some decent insight into sports management, racing, or some other venue that could help you in the future.

You see, there are ways to make money with video games; you just need to have a little imagination.

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