Smart Strategies for Slashing Your Electricity Bill


Despite the odd respite, the reality is that your electricity bill is simply going to get more expensive in the future, unless you adopt some strategies to slash the cost.

A good starting point is to focus your attention on the things in your home that use the most electricity, which means looking at how you use items like heating, air conditioning, lighting and washing and drying your clothes.

Save on lighting

Infinite Energy is an electricity provider in Perth and they are just one of the suppliers who offer to reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid through using a solar energy system.

This is one way to reduce your energy bill and in addition to this, there are several ways to save on your lighting costs, which is often one of the highest power consumption components in your home.

Changing your light bulbs to LED lights or Compact Fluorescent will save you up to 70% in energy costs compared to the energy-hungry incandescent bulbs that should be viewed as a relic of the past. You might also want to consider the idea of installing some skylights, which provide natural light and a more pleasant environment as well as saving power.

Unplug your appliances

One of the most common forms of energy wastage is when we leave appliances that we are not using plugged in and on standby mode.

Standard household appliances like your TV, computer and microwave and even some washing machines, all tend to have a standby mode, which means you are busy spending money on using energy on these items and gadgets, even when you are not using them.

Heating and cooling

You may have heard the message plenty of times, but the reason that so many energy experts suggest insulating your roof and draught-proofing your windows, is because it will save you money on your energy bill.

As well as making sure that you have the right amount of insulation in your roof space so that you keep more heat from escaping, you might want to consider sealing your chimney when it is not in use and if you are running your heater or air-conditioning system, leave windows and doors closed so that you get the most efficiency and benefit from your energy spend.

Consider green power

It is estimated that the average household emits around 14 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, and half of this total comes from electricity generation.

As well as helping to reduce your energy bills, green power is going to allow you to make a contribution towards reducing the impact of climate change and global warming.

Green power means harnessing power from clean renewable sources such as the sun, wind and water. It also means using waste power rather than coal, and there are more initiatives and inventions becoming available to households all the time, so make enquiries to see how you could make use of green power.

Turning down your thermostat, updating your light bulbs, adding insulation and other relatively simple initiatives, are all smart strategies that will help to slash your electricity bill.

Blake Jameson is an energy auditor. He likes to share his insights on energy usage in the home and business. His articles are available mainly on ecology and energy sites.


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