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A number of online music services have come up with different approaches to help meet the changing expectations of the listeners. Today, listeners have various options for accessing personalized music content which meets their preferences. This, in turn, means new opportunities for people looking to invest, but the challenge has been choosing a company which delivers reliably for an extended period. More particularly, Sirius and Spotify have been the centre of the dilemma for most investors as they find it difficult to choose between these two. These two service providers draw millions of premium listeners and subscribers apiece, but each of them appears to be operating differently.

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As mentioned, deciding between Sirius and Spotify stock can be a hard nut to crack. Spotify is advancing at a hearty clip. In its latest quarter, the revenue for Spotify increased 26 percent as an increase in its subscribers was weighed down by a negative effect of currency moves. In addition to that, the average revenue per subscriber has been cloaking slightly lower, but this can mostly be attributed to the faster growth of Spotify in the emerging regions where its platform has been priced competitively.

Sirius, on the other hand, is at a mature stage of its cycle. In the last quarter, the revenue slowed to 6 percent, implying that its growth rate is less than a third of Spotify’s growth. Although Spotify doesn’t match Sirius in regards to increased shareholders’ value, it has so much going for it. Currently, Spotify boasts of an amazing 180 million users (active), dwarfing Sirius with 33.5 million subscribers. More importantly for those looking to invest, Spotify is available in 65 countries and territories, and more is expected. On the other hand, Sirius is limited to North America due to its satellite technology limitation, as well other its related regulations. For those looking to invest in one of these stocks, it will be imperative to weigh some of these figures to determine whether these companies can meet your expectations or not.

Bottom Line

Sirius stock vs Spotify stock has always been a tough debate. As illustrated above, both Sirius and Spotify have so much to offer investors, making it quite difficult to narrow down one’s decision to either of them. Your decision to invest in Sirius or Spotify stock will depend on the goals of your investments as well as your willingness to take risks. Sirius has always been known for its success, and as an investor, you can’t go wrong investing in a company which offers a firm increase in its share prices every year. While this company is at a point where it can experience runaway growth, there is no doubt that Sirius will adapt to consumer demands and changing market conditions, ensuring profitability for investors. In contrast, Spotify has yet to offer a profit for its investors, but its fast and rapid expansion is very promising. If you are able to withstand risks associated with sudden changes, then there is a great potential for massive profits with Spotify.

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