Struggling Startups: Here’s Where You Need to Flash The Cash

As a new business, chances are money is tight. You have a number of overhead costs to deal with just to get started, and you’re not turning a profit yet. For this reason, you’ll of course be looking into places where you can cut costs and save money. However there are a few areas where you really shouldn’t do this, and you need to pay whatever it costs to get them right. Otherwise your business could fail and your whole venture will be over before it’s started. Here are a few examples of things you shouldn’t scrimp on.

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Your Website

An amateur looking website will put customers off from the get-go, they will simply assume that your company is amateur or could even assume that you’re a fraudulent or scam site. Your website in most cases will be the first thing customers see of your business so it needs to make a good impression. Spend what you need to here to get this right.


Manual methods will be costly and time consuming, the right software will make the daily runnings of your business much quicker. Whether it’s specific software like Algo Terminal for professional quants or general business software like shift planning, legal or finance software- find out what you need. Get this right and you will save yourself time, money and human error. With good software, you don’t need to hire extra employees to do these tasks which saves you money further.


Marketing is the way you get your business’ name out there, it’s not as simple as creating a company and waiting for the customers to come flocking in. You need to know where, and how to promote. You need to know about search engine rankings, blogger outreach and different types of marketing. This can be quite complicated, so your best bet would be to outsource to a marketing agency. Be sure to fit this into your budget, these costs can catch out newer businesses. Advertising in general can be pricey so be sure you’re prepared for it.

Your Product or Services

What your business sells, whether it’s products or services, are what you have set up your company for. So there’s absolutely no point making cutbacks here and risking producing a shoddy product. Things like less expensive materials in manufacturing for example could lead to an otherwise good product turning out looking and feeling cheap and unappealing. Whatever it is you plan on selling, its quality needs to be a priority, so whatever you do don’t try and make cutbacks here.

If you try and make savings in any of these areas, it could genuinely be a case of your business failing before it’s even begun. Most new businesses start out in the red, so borrowing or finding an investor to cover these costs might be essential. Once you start turning a profit you then begin to pay any debts and costs back.

What areas do you think should never be scrimped on in business?

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