The Best Vape Liquid Buying Guide On The Internet

Usually, people do not encounter much of a problem when buying vape devices. However, they are confused when they come to the part of selecting the right e-liquid. Most new vapes come with an e-juice, but the problem arises when it runs out. The e-cigarette is effectively useless. There are various considerations one has to make while purchasing a vape liquid. Some of the important ones have been discussed in this article. 

Picking the right flavor

The flavor should be your priority when choosing the flavor of your e-liquid. Even when other parameters like nicotine strength are appropriate, the vape is no good if the flavor does not conform to your liking. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to the flavors available. There are flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, orange, and almost any other flavor you can think of. It is often seen with many new smokers that they select the tobacco flavor since that gives them the same taste, which they used to get while smoking traditional cigarettes. Some flavors which have a tobacco blend are also available. Additionally, mixtures of different flavors are very popular. You can try experimenting with various flavors to see which one you like best. 

The optimum nicotine strength

E-liquids come with varying amounts of nicotine strength. You should pick one according to your preference and capacity. The lowest level is 6 mg, which is recommended for smokers who do not consume more than half a pack per day. Then comes the medium level, which is between 9 mg and 16 mg. Average smokers should go with this level who consume less than one pack in a day. The highest level amounts between 18 mg and 36 mg, which is consumed by heavy chain smokers. Finding the right balance of nicotine is of paramount importance. If you use too little nicotine, you will have to smoke more to compensate, while a headache could be the result if you use too much nicotine. 

PG and VG

Every vape juice has a main base solution, which comprises either Vegetable Glycol(VG) or Propylene glycol(PG) and even a mixture of both. PG has the ability to deliver more flavor, but the vapor production is not enough. VG is viscous in nature and has a sweetish tinge to it. This causes the flavor to be overshadowed. On the plus side, VG can produce a lot of vapor. Depending upon your preferences, you can go for an e-liquid with an all-VG, an all-PG base, or even a combination of both. Most manufacturers make e-liquids with PG to VG ratio 40:60. Most smokers are satisfied with this mix since it produces adequate vapor and gives just the right amount of flavor. A note of caution is that it is advisable to check if you are not allergic to PG. If you are itching continuously or having breathing problems after vaping an all-PG or PG/VG mixture e-liquid, then it could be the result of an allergy. If this is the case then it is advisable to smoke an all-VG liquid or a liquid with an 80:20 VG/PG ratio.

Testing is important

There is no clear answer to which e-liquid you should buy and which one is the best. In the end, it all boils down to your preferences and liking. So try out new flavors, new VG-PG ratios, different nicotine strengths. So, do a little bit of research in the market. Find out the Puff Bar Plus cost. There is variability among brands too. The apple flavor of one brand may taste bland, while the same flavor from another brand might be the best thing you’ve ever smoked. So try everything to discover your favorites. The same logic applies to nicotine strengths. You could be satisfied with a 15mg strength from one company but find the same strength too weak or strong when you try a different brand. Some shops and online sites even offer tester packs that have a small amount of e-liquid at a lesser cost. It is a lot of fun trying out different flavors and various combinations, so never shy away from trying out new stuff.



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