The Connection Between Kodi Addons and VPNs Unveiled

Kodi though at first glance appears to be a simple, easy to use media player but the moment it has the right add-ons it easily transforms into the Holy Grail of free contents. People get access to any streams that pertain to TV shows, new movies, and sports. There lies a hidden cost however which Kodi user have to pay when they use third-party add-ons like Sportsdevil, Quasar, SALTS or Exodus. Legal hassles may arise if you use a few add-ons without protection.

Take for instance; Torrent/P2P add-ons, if used without permission or protection, may invite a lawsuit. Besides, there are a few ISPs that regulate the internet connection of the user by slowing its speed the moment they discover that they are streaming video content in large quantities. It is called ISP throttling. In short, VPN is a must for add-ons.

Why Use VPN for Add-ons?                                                                        

If you still need convincing as to why using a VPN for Kodi addons is a must, then keep reading further,

  • Make Life Simpler– If you wish to avoid lawsuits and bandwidth throttling, it is best to go with a good VPN service which has specifically been designed for the streamers. ExpressVPN will be a good choice. 
  • Hide Traffic From the ISP- VPN will help to encrypt all your data which flows in as well as out from the Kodi box and/or the data of the home in its entirety. The best part it will pass all personal data through a VPN server placed anywhere across the world. It will ultimately stop your ISP against tracking your internet traffic sources and your contents.
  • Anonymously Stream Kodi- The VPN will allow you to download, browse and stream anonymously. Along with making the ISP blind to the entire traffic, it will also make the server blind both to your location and identity.
  • Access Geo-Blocked Content – Through a VPN you have the liberty of selecting a server in just any country that you desire. The Kodi add-ons which are geo-restricted will consider you in being a resident of a particular region where their content is available. That is a big problem for people that use paid version of streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix but VPN can bypass this hurdle. 
  • Access to Every New Release- The biggest perk of using VPN with Kodi add-ons is that you will get access to every new release before anyone else does. For best VPN, visit com.
  • Bypass Blackout Restrictions– Some countries impose blackout restrictions especially on live games aired on some sports channels such as ESPN, NFL, and others. It means you cannot watch the much-awaited match live. VPN will enable you to bypass such blackout restrictions.

The bottom line is if you are a Kodi user and want to keep away from hassles such as block geo-restricted add-ons, avoid ISP throttling and protect your privacy then make the most of the best VPN available. This way you can enjoy Kodi streaming anonymously.


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