The Importance of Offering Health Benefit Packages to Employees


These days would-be employees look at far more than they ever used to when weighing up an application. At one time people were happy just to get a job. Now though, many people expect a decent package of benefits to supplement their income and add extra perks to their employment.

One particular thing your company should be offering is occupational health services or healthcare benefit packages. Below you’ll discover why these are so important and how your business could be suffering if they aren’t part of your employee benefits package.

Attracting the best candidates

Clearly you will want to ensure your job advertisement is attracting the best quality candidates. Good quality experienced candidates know their worth these days – or at least they’re only a couple of clicks from finding out what sort of salary they should be expecting for their skills and experiences. To an extent it is beholden on you to sell your business to them. Why should they choose you over other companies? Healthcare benefit packages can give you an edge over the competition in this regard and encourage more applicants to apply for positions at your company. In addition, corporate wellness programs can also help the overall health of your employees. You may visit sites like to learn more about corporate wellness programs.

Helping to save you money

A surprising benefit of offering healthcare insurance is that you could actually save money. This is because, as featured on BizFilings, small businesses who employ 25 or fewer employees can gain health care tax credits. These credits are an incentive for employers and also give your employees peace of mind.

It is worth noting that changes were applied to health care tax credit eligibility in 2014. To qualify, your employees will need to have enrolled in a Small Business Health Options Program health plan. The credits won’t apply if the insurance is offered outside of the program.

Could reduce absence rates

One of the leading problems businesses of all sizes face is absence due to sickness. It costs the global business sector billions of dollars and also causes high levels of stress as it obviously damages the productivity of the company. As mentioned on Employee Benefits, healthcare benefit packages can be used as a successful sickness absence strategy. Helping to cover the costs of your employees heath care, any treatments can be provided quickly, resulting in a quicker recovery.

Retaining a healthy workforce

As well as attracting candidates for job positions within the company, direct primary care services can also ensure you keep your employees healthy. Surveys have been carried out which have shown that an estimated 90% of people would look for employment elsewhere if their current healthcare benefits stopped. If your business operates in a specialist sector such as Forensic accountant firms in New York, for example, it would prove difficult to replace employees if they did decide to leave.

Increased productivity and morale

Productivity and morale are two important factors linked to successful businesses. Providing specialist benefits such as healthcare packages will help to boost morale in the workplace as your employees will feel valued. This in turn will boost productivity, ensuring your company delivers the best, most efficient service.

Overall healthcare benefit packages can be seen as a vital contribution to your employees. It’s not really a question of whether your business can afford to offer these benefits, it’s more a question of whether it can afford not to.

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