The Potential Future For Online Slots

The gambling industry is a very fruitful and lucrative business which allows it’s users to make money while enjoying the leisurely hobby. Over the years, as with many things these days, this industry started to grow on the internet, creating online slots. The online slots world kept growing over the years and is now one of the most profitable sectors in the UK. According to gambling in the UK reported that gaming companies spend roughly around ¬£1.1 Billion a year on online gambling advertising alone.

Thanks to smartphones, it’s never been easier to try your luck at the slots, and you can do it where ever you are. The push of slots on smartphones has led to online slots¬† becoming accessible to everyone of all genders and ages. Your average punter is no longer a middle-aged man in a betting shop, as your able to gamble while sitting with a cuppa, going to work or wherever you have access to a phone.

The technology for this gambling platform continued from the use of a smartphone and has been utilised to both the punter and the casinos advantages over the years by creating better-trusted websites, dedicated apps and better gameplay than ever. Cryptocurrencies, like the famous Bitcoin, are now even accepted in some online casinos. Casinos are also bringing in video game themed designs and stories to enhance the players’ entertainment experience. Following on from the introduction of gaming themes in the online slots market is the use of virtual reality technology which have been integrated into online slots thanks to the advancement of headset devices like the Samsung Gear VR.

Virtual Reality Slots

The most exciting potential future for the world of online slots games has to be the VR or augmented reality casinos. This technology brings to life a players experience using computer-generated views of the world around them. This technology can even create a complete 360-degree slots environment for the player, which allows them to feel as though they’re in a real casino wherever they are.

Bugs in the technology

Of course, with any new technology, there are a few teething problems, and it’s unlikely online gambling will be taken over by the virtual reality casinos just yet.

The technology of augmented reality is still pretty new, and this means not everything works in these settings as both the creators and the players want. It’s also a pretty expensive way to gamble as the devices needed to use the hardware are very costly. This is probably one of the most off-putting factors about this market as not everyone will be willing to spend money in their quest to win a jackpot.

Despite the problems that the use of virtual reality in online slots is facing, it still appears as the potential future for online casinos. In a few years, when the bugs have been fixed and the equipment comes down in price, we just might be hitting our favourite online casino with a futuristic headset as part of our gameplay.

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