Tips for Growing Your Business Network (and why it matters)

PEO Leadership offers advice on expanding your circle to grow your business

TORONTO, Canada – (February 1, 2021) – A business network is often one of the most underutilized tools that leaders can use to grow their business. Many people are aware of networks but may not be sure why they matter or how to go about cultivating a strong one. The good news is that by learning how to harness the power of networks, you can take your business to the next level.

“Nobody can grow their business all on their own; you need a strong network to help make it happen,” explains Leon Goren, president and chief executive officer of PEO Leadership. “Now more important than ever, building that web of trust, a network of trusted connections, will make all the difference in whether or not you will accelerate through these uncertain times by shaping your business for the new world. To be successful in this ever-changing environment, you need to surround yourself with experienced business leaders who are willing to challenge and be challenged as they all move towards achieving their personal, professional, and organizational growth objectives.”

Having a business network is crucial to overall success and being able to grow your organization. Networks help you obtain fresh ideas, strengthen your connections, provide you with more business knowledge, give you the support you need through tough times, help build confidence, provide different perspectives, and help you get the unbiased answers you need to questions that arise. Additional advantages of having a strong network include the community playing an important role in helping you get noticed, introductions to new opportunities, help in identifying your shortcomings, and how to improve upon them.

There are many benefits of being involved in a business network to help grow your business, and here are some tips for how to go about doing it:

  • Find your community. Joining a leadership community is a great way to expand your network with high-quality leads. You will immediately gain access to people who are highly experienced, successful, and ready to help you move forward. The PEO Leadership community, for example, puts people in immediate contact with peer-to-peer leadership.
  • Make the commitment. Having a network takes commitment. You have to take action to keep the connections alive. This may mean meeting with people, having phone calls, or attending events. You may seek the services of a management consulting business to help you expand and maintain your business network.
  • Meet lots of people. You may not know who the right people are for your business network, so you need to make an effort to meet a lot of people. Look for business networking groups in your area and attend leadership conferences.
  • Be engaged. Gaining from your network is only going to be possible if you are engaged with it. This means you will need to do some active listening, ask questions, and be ready to carry out some of the advice that may be given to you.
  • Think long term. Many good relationships take time to build, rather than happening overnight. Meeting someone doesn’t mean that you will gain something right away, but it could mean that sometime down the road, a learning or business opportunity may present itself.

“At PEO Leadership, we help shape the way leaders lead, learn, and live,” added Goren. “We have created a networking system that helps people reach goals. The most important thing you can do for your business this year is to become a part of something like that so your business can grow for years to come.”

PEO Leadership offers an executive leadership community that represents over 100 business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and top executives. Its services include peer advisory boards, executive coaching, community connections, strategic business tools, an annual leadership conference, and thought leadership events Including PEO Leadership’s ‘The Way Forward’ live webcast and podcast. The company is owned by Leon Goren, who has over 25 years of leadership experience.

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About PEO Leadership

PEO Leadership is a Canadian peer-to-peer leadership advisory firm that has been the destination for business leaders to regularly meet and discuss important issues, solve business problems and explore new opportunities since 1991. The organization provides a safe and highly confidential environment, with PEO Executive Advisors, who facilitate stimulating and astute dialogue to leverage the collective experience, creativity, intellect and wisdom of the Peer Advisory Board and the PEO Leadership Community at large. They support, cultivate and accelerate business leaders’ leadership excellence to achieve great impact through the organizations they lead, the communities they serve and the lives they live. Current members include Bayer, Crayola, Nestle and Umbra. For more information about the company and its services, visit the site at:

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