Top 3 Construction Tech Trends All the Contractors Should Know


Even the ever-changing tech market can be predictable enough if you keep track of the main trends. For example, the construction sector is not lacking in on-trend solutions. One of the best ways to stay ahead is to explore mast climbing solutions. Most reliable contractors like A&ES BRITAIN try to take into consideration all the new approaches to optimize the building and management processes. For example, more and more companies are interested in simple online construction estimating software, communication apps, CRM systems, etc. Precision core drilling equipment is also becoming increasingly important for efficient and accurate drilling operations.

If you would like to make a difference and perform as a digital-friendly contractor in the present-day market, it is better to take into attention three top trends in building custom homes. This way you will have more chances to lead the niche and increase your client base through optimizations, digital transformations, and other tech improvements.

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3 Tech Trends in Construction: BIM, Robotics, Project Management Software

If you are looking forward to implementing new tech solutions for construction processes, better management, and enhanced on-site works, start with the exploration of the present-day technology-driven approaches. Among the most on-trend ones for today’s contractors are BIM, robotics, and project management software.

1 – BIM (Building Information Modeling)

This is a rather progressive set of collaborative processes. BIM requires building planning and design at once. This way multiple stakeholders provide necessary inputs. For example, engineers, architects, designers, builders, and even customers take part in building information modeling. Finally, the modern software can process all the data entries for visualization in real-time mode.

Note that all the advanced BIM digital tools create unique files based on all these graphical insights and descriptions from the stakeholders. In such a way information modeling for construction takes place. The shared models usually absolutely meet all the expectations concerning all the aspects:

  • Pricing;
  • Visualization properties;
  • Schedules for building;
  • Other criteria.

The most popular version of the building information modeling software obtains 5D BIM techniques with smart cost & time overlays. At the same time, 6D BIM tech solutions are considered more progressive. But for many companies, it is rather pricey to use such expensive software together with its subscription and maintenance.

It is recommended to pay attention to VR and AR algorithms available for construction information modeling. This BIM software will bring more benefits in the context of visualization properties. Additionally, you can count on fast terms of making building models at your request through virtual and augmented realities.

2 – Construction Robotics

Robots in construction are intellectual machinery that allows handling complicated tasks without too heavy loads on humans. Only imagine that transportation of bricks, metal pipes, and other supplies will take place with the help of required robotics. This way more and more on-site operations will be done human-free. The only task of the workers on the site will be to monitor the robots and manage them remotely. Although robots may complete tasks more quickly than humans, it is still reasonable to hire professional contractor, such as those from Wapiti Pacific Contractors. Learn more on it.

If you need to transport construction robots and other machinery to your site, you may hire a company that provides heavy equipment transportation services.

The main categories of building operations that are simplified with the help of robotics are excavation, bricklaying, welding, rigging services, painting, etc. Additionally, robots on the site lift loads and undertake such works as demolition and concrete finishing. Then if you are struggling with concrete (with issues like how long it takes to dry etc) then have a look at, as it’s the best guide we have found so far. Take a closer look at the tech-driven robotic startups that can come in handy for your technical transformations:

  1. IronBot;
  2. TyBot;
  3. I-Robot.

Many construction robots obtain such helpful and essential options as auto-locating and auto-positioning. Additionally, search for robotic solutions available for pre-mapping and required calibration or reprogramming.

3 – Construction Management Software

Remember that digital project management is a thing in the context of manual operations. That is why most contractors are searching for ways to automate many managers’ tasks. The best-matching software for construction management depends on the main criteria the company has. For example, digital solutions with AI-based predictive algorithms and techniques for smart enterprise resource planning, and cloud-based solutions presented at once are among the most efficient and popular today.

Automated project management is always about reduced time-wasting, more transparency, and workforce efficiency. This way many contractors can prevent numerous risks like financial fraud or delays when getting crane hire Perth.

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