Twitter rebrands as X

Around 24 hours after Twitter owner Elon Musk announced a company rebrand, the social media platform’s famous blue bird logo has become “a stylized X.” Musk tweeted the news Sunday, saying an “interim logo” will debut on the site, with the domain now directing to Twitter’s site as well. The move is part of Musk’s overall goal to make X the “everything” app he foresees, which would include messaging, social media and payment services — similar to China’s WeChat. CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted that “powered by AI,” X would become a “global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunities.” Twitter’s business name has been X Corp since October.


By Jessica Hartogs, Editor at LinkedIn News

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Elon Musk says he plans to boot the Twitter brand and ‘bid adieu’ to ‘all the birds’

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  • Elon Musk said he’s planning to change Twitter’s logo and get rid of its bird character.
  • The Twitter owner asked for suggestions for a logo for his new “everything” app called “X.”
  • Musk pinned a tweet with a graphic of a new “X” logo, meaning he may already have a replacement.

Elon Musk indicated he’s planning to scrap Twitter’s logo – and has even started asking users for ideas for his new X app.

In a tweet Saturday night, Musk said that if he was offered a good enough X logo that evening, the company would switch to it Sunday.

“And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” Musk also tweeted.

The Twitter owner has overseen a turbulent period since he bought the company for $44 billion last October, including mass layoffs, battles with advertisers, and now a new competitor in the form of Meta’s Threads.

Twitter is now estimated by Fidelity to be worth about a third of what Musk paid for it, while last week he said the company was still losing money thanks to a heavy debt load and a halving of advertising revenue.

But behind the turmoil, Musk plans to overhaul how the social media platform works. He’s long touted the idea of an “everything app” called “X.”

In April, Bloomberg reported that Musk had absorbed Twitter into X Corp., one of three holding companies Musk set up in April last year with a variation of X holdings.

It’s unclear what the app will look like, but Musk suggested he would take inspiration from Tencent’s WeChat. The Chinese app lets users message and video chat, play games, share photos, order rides and food, as well as do their banking and shopping.

After Musk asked for suggestions, he continued to post prospective logos on his page, including retweeting the logo Musk used for his online banking venture that was founded in 1999.

He pinned one tweet to the top of his profile showing a flashing X logo, which might suggest he has found his replacement for Twitter’s famous bird.


BY: Ryan Hogg, INSIDER



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