Understanding and Managing Chemical Imbalances in the Body

Along with all of your bones, muscles, organs and other tissues, you have a vast array of other liquids and cells flowing throughout your body. Some of the smallest yet most impactful items in your body are chemicals. Some chemicals are fired out the end of your nerves while others are secreted by your organs. These chemicals do everything from maintaining a proper weight to improving your mental health.

Understand Why Chemicals Are Imbalanced

Chemical imbalances can be due to numerous reasons. Some imbalances are due to stress, lack of sleep and poor diet while others are caused by system-wide diseases and even medications that you are taking. Each chemical is tied to a different response in the body. For example, serotonin is tied to mood, cortisol is tied to stress and insulin is tied to blood sugar. When your chemicals and hormones are imbalanced, you may feel fatigued, stressed, depressed or another negative symptom.

Try Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes can effect numerous minor adjustments in your body’s chemical balance. For example, stress-relieving activities, such as yoga or meditation, can decrease high cortisol. Other helpful changes include eating a diet rich in whole foods, losing excessive weight and exercising regularly.

Try Complementary Treatments

Some complementary treatments have also been shown to help with many of these problems. Acupuncture and massage can help some. Biofeedback is a form of psychotherapy that helps people deal with their feelings by talking about them rather than by taking medications.

Try a Prescription Drug

However, a medication is sometimes necessary at least for short-term use to help you feel more like yourself. Women’s hormonal imbalances can often be adjusted with the use of bioidentical hormone therapy in the form of an oral medication or vaginal cream. Other popular prescription drugs for a variety of chemical imbalances include metformin, testosterone supplementation, thyroid hormones and flibanserin.

Try a Supplement

Sometimes, nature has what is needed to help you feel better. Such herbs as kava for stress and St. John’s Wort for depression among others have proven beneficial for many. NeuroScience Supplements purchased through Accutrition give you natural neutraceuticals for many of the most common imbalances.

Minor imbalances may be able to be handled with minor changes to your everyday life, such as increased sleep, a healthier diet or increased exercise. However, most imbalances, such as those that last for several weeks to months, should be addressed with the help of your trusted physician. You may be surprised by how good you feel once your body’s chemicals are rebalanced.

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