Us Facing Anti-Asian ‘Crisis Point’

Us Facing Anti-Asian 'Crisis Point'

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Asian American congresswomen say the U.S. is at a “crisis point” on discrimination and violence toward Asian communities in the U.S., and they offered deeply personal accounts of their own experiences during historic House testimony. The hearing, originally scheduled weeks ago, happened in the wake of the Atlanta-area spa shootings that left eight people dead, six of whom were women of Asian descent. Authorities say the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, told them the killings were not racially motivated.

  • Hundreds of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have turned to social media to “air their anger, sadness, fear and hopelessness,” says the AP, with the hashtag #StopAsianHate trending across various platforms.
  • Journalist Alexi McCammond says she and Condé Nast “have decided to part ways” just days before she was supposed to take over as Teen Vogue’s editor in chief. The move follows backlash over anti-Asian and homophobic tweets McCammond wrote in 2011. She apologized when the tweets resurfaced in 2019.

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