Using Rice Water As A Skincare Product

Rice water, what is left over when you boil and cook rice, has been used for centuries as a skincare treatment. It is believed that this skincare treatment was first used in Japan around 1,000 years ago so there is certainly a lot of history here.

This is a skincare treatment that is currently increasing in popularity once more. Even though we have more options then we have ever had when it comes to skincare products, a lot of people are relearning the benefits of natural treatments.

If you are looking for a skincare treatment that will actually make a difference to your complexion, then you may want to consider using rice water.

Benefits Of Rice Water For The Skin

There are actually a lot of reported benefits from using rice water on the skin.

Rice water has been used for centuries as both a skincare product and a haircare treatment because of all the benefits it holds.

This can be used to soothe and tone your skin, as it can tighten pores and prevent them from becoming clogged. This means rice water can be an effective acne treatment as it will keep your skin clean and clear.

Rice water can be used for a range of different skin conditions, including acne and even eczema. This is because it can help to protect and repair your skin, making it look clearer and brighter with every use.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of using rice water for the skin is the fact that it is cheap and easy to make at home.

How Can Rice Water Treat The Skin?

Rice water can be used for a range of different skincare conditions and it is said to have a lot of health benefits.

Some of the ways that you can use rice water on the skin are:

  • Anti-Aging

Rice water can be an effective anti-aging treatment as it increases collagen in the skin. This will make the skin appear plumper, brighter and will reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Using fermented rice water, which is known as rice wine, regularly will keep your skin supple and youthful.

There are also benefits to using rice water on sun-damaged skin, which can make you appear older than you are. This treatment can be very soothing on sun-damaged skin and should reduce the effects of this.

  • Skin Conditions

Rice water is an effective skincare treatment for a range of different conditions. This includes eczema, acne, and other inflammations.

It is believed that rice water has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe your skin and reduce the redness that is caused by certain skin conditions.

Using rice water regularly on your skin could help to clear acne and other breakouts, although there is not a lot of hard evidence for this just yet.

Nonetheless, rice water will be very soothing on the skin and can be left on for around 10 minutes if it is used as a face mask.

  • Dry Skin

It is also suggested that rice water can be an effective treatment for dry skin.

Rice water is very soothing and is full of nutrients that will moisturize your skin and restore hydration.

It can make the skin appear clearer and plumper for an overall improved complexion.

How To Use Rice Water On Skin

Rice water can be used in various ways as an effective treatment for a range of different skin and health conditions.

If you are using rice water directly from the pan after boiling rice, then you will need to let it cool down. Make sure you have strained the rice well and pushed it down on the strainer to release most of the helpful chemicals.

You can keep rice water in a container in the refrigerator for a couple of days to use whenever you need it most. Rice water will need to be diluted before using it directly on your skin.

Rice water can also be digested to provide a range of health benefits.

This is said to help with various digestive issues and it will impact your skin from the inside out. You can drink rice water when it’s warm.


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