Want To Opt-In For Duratrans? Know The Useful Features, Applications, Types, And Benefits

The world today is flooded with advertisements that cover almost all the space around. Every brand wants to get noticed and also have a high recall value. It instills in brands the need to look appealing and stand out than the rest. The objective is not merely to capture the audience’s attention anymore. Brands want their pictures to have a lasting impact that would stir up an emotional response for the onlookers. And this eventually helps to develop a brand connection with the audience at large.

The present-day business scene today is witnessing several competitors who are all set to make it big! There’s more to do than just capturing customer attention. It is essential for brands to connect with their audience on an emotional level, in a more profound way. If the brands can do this successfully, it will help them to explore better.

Getting the audience attention with smart graphics 

And one of the creative techniques to capture audience attention is by using the best signage. The professional SignSite Group in Brisbane says that it is crucial to keep in mind that the signage you choose should excel amongst the group of other signages. Making use of illuminated graphics and digital signage from experts like Crown TV is one way to carry this out. And when it is teamed up with displays that are made using duratrans materials, the outcome is professional and stellar. Want to convey your message in the best possible way? If yes, you can seek for the bright graphics that can be showcased by using Duraclear and Duratrans.

What is a Duratrans?

Simply put, Duratrans are backlit films that are opaque for making prints for light boxes. Kodak has made this product, and it is of excellent quality for the light-box display.

It is a light critical photographic product for printing your preferred image. It is essential for a person to showcase a picture of this. You can make this exposure utilizing a photographic negative in an enlarger. The chemistry and the process are known as a silver halide process. Alternatively, it is also called the wet darkroom printing.

The secret of its quality is in the black spaces of the picture, generated effectively. It gets done by blocking all strong backlighting. It isn’t presently possible with an inkjet method. Apple is an excellent example of this. It is an ace company globally and one that manages its image and brand successfully. The brand emphasizes durations for the point of sale graphics in all Apple Stores. Hence, the brand can be solely accountable for the existence of Duratrans as a product.

Understanding what re Duratrans and Duraclears are?

Simply put, both Duraclear and Duratrans are polyester-based display films that take in all the photographic details. It also optimizes the pictures to pair with a backlight source. Usually, both get used in a somewhat casual manner to demonstrate two products manufactured by Kodak Alaris, which is the major photographic media brand created by the Eastman Kodak, back in 2013. And, the other product names are the Kodak Professional Endura Transparency Display Material and also Clear Display Material.

The two have a significant difference, as follows:

  1. Duraclear happens to be very transparent
  2. Duratrans come with a translucent diffusion generating a white appearance

The everyday uses 

Simply put, the display films respond as a component image in the lightbox. The other common areas of application are:

  • Museum and gallery exhibitions
  • Point of sale
  • Tradeshows
  • Retail interiors
  • Retail rollouts
  • Sports
  • Featured products
  • Hospitality
  • Events
  • Retail exteriors

Benefits of Duratrans 

Today, the Duratrans come with some of the best functional advantages. The four important ones are as follows:

  1. Provides you with photographic quality

Want to make your business a class apart from the existing competition? If yes, then you need to pay heed to your professional appearance. Owing a professional quality will help you reign supreme. Making use of Duratrans in your signage, you can always say yes to the kind of professional appearance that you have been searching.

  1. You have access to high-end color transparency

A sign with sharp colors, authentic and bright is essential for your business success. Colors that are faded or are in streaks from one section to the next often questions your business legitimacy and what it has to provide.

  1. Most people love the Duratrans

Bright colors make people happy and content. Anything that is placed together beautifully, naturally appeals to the ones who look at it. Hence, the duratrans allow your sign the much-required art and beauty, which your customers would love to talk about to others. For some of your customers, your sign could be the most attractive part of your business. And it could be that they remember about your services or products, by recalling the sign.

  1. You will have access to excellent clarity, contrast, and sharpness

Duratrans provide excellent image clarity and precision. Its unique manufacturing process completely assists these aspects to make sure that the pictures aren’t blurry, muddy or cloudy. Check out a few signs done by your competitor and other market players. It might not appear as sharp and clear as they should. When you use a duratrans, you can be rest assured you will not face this problem.

The new and modern-day Duratrans available

 Today, many service providers use new age technology to come up with advanced products. Such companies provide duratrans that assist your company to perform better in today’s competitive market. Simply put, the duratrans are backlit pictures developed by a digital photographic process. It generates an authentic, constant tone imaging for high-end reflective and backlit prints. The new age imaging process provides high and sharp density and quality. Other benefits include excellent color precision and uniformity of any printing process. It will enable your brand to steer clear of competition and make it shine.

What are the reasons to make use of Duratrans than opting in for other low-quality material? 

The reasons why brands need to steer clear from using the low-quality material are as follows:

  1. Excellent resolution – The imaging method leads to an efficient digital resolution of 1200 dpi, in comparison to 300 to 1200 dpi in other ways. It results in better details, crisp edges and authentic solid shades.
  2. Takes care of the size – The duratrans pixel size imaging process varies akin to the stochastic screening. It leads to the seamless transition of colors inside the photographic artwork.
  3. Saturation – The color offering here has better scope in depth and saturation than other solutions.
  4. The aspect of opacity – The black shade opacity in the artwork is visibly more here, resulting in sharp pictures that have shadows or black elements.

Types of Duratrans

Today, you can have access to the various kinds of duratrans. The popular ones are as follows:

  • The promotional Duratrans

Duratrans get used for the backlit graphic films that are prevalent in advertising promotional displays in movie theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, retail stores, trade shows, casinos and any other kind retail establishment that comprises of any amount of backlit showcase light boxes. Here the printed graphic Duratrans films need to be illuminated and inserted to be able to witness the benefit of the backlit property.

This kind of duratrans gets images with advertising products, messages, and many lifestyle pictures. In addition to that, there is informative and menu content, that the users want to display.

  • The “Fine Art” duratrans

The difference between the fine art and the promotional duratrans is merely the subject matter of the imaged artwork on duratrans film.  Other than that, there are no specific differences. Also, that the fine art duratrans might at times get processed using color depths, high resolutions and different kinds of fabrication tolerances, to impact better results, for a demanding customer group.

  • The “Translite” duratrans

The other well-known duratrans application is as the backdrop image in the TV news sets as well as theatre designs. It is known as the translites that are frequently used to generate backdrops kept at the back of the news anchors and presenters. These backgrounds in the theatre get placed behind actors and other individuals.

It can vary from 15 to as much as 100 feet long. Also, it is 12 to 40 feet tall. It every situation, the translites are usually wider than being tall. The image gets painted or printed on the translucent material, for instance, a plastic sheet or polyester. Post that, it gets stretched vertically atop the opening at the back wall of a set that has been designed to back it up. Furthermore, the translites usually gets lit up from the back making use of lights that get mounted perpendicularly to the floor. It is in between the space of the studio wall and the set. It brightens the translite image and adds to the depth of illusion.

Today, the internet is replete with ace service providers that specialize in duratrans. However, before opting in for one, it is essential to know more about the product and customize the one based on your need. You can refer to the features, benefits, applications and many other details discussed above before you decide to invest in it.



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