What Does a Computer Science Degree Bring To the Table?


Following the government’s decision to hike university entrance fees a couple of years ago, it would be fair to say that the media has placed considerable emphasis on universities as a whole. Are degrees still worth it? Should young people ditch the traditional student life and jump straight into work? These are both questions that once didn’t need to be asked, but now, they go through every prospective student’s mind.

Another key question relates to the choice of subject. Now, with future jobs also at a premium, it is becoming more important than ever before for students to get their choice of subject spot on. One area which never seems to disappoint is computer science – with advancements in technology meaning that the demand for programming experts is growing.

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It’s for the above reason that we have decided to put this guide together. If you are stuck in two minds about just which path to take at university, here are some reasons why the computer science route could be for you. We’re not trying to sell you it completely, but after studying countless degree subjects this certainly seems to be one of the most beneficial in the present climate.

Reason #1 – There are actual jobs out there

As we’ve already pointed out, this is a field where real jobs actually exist. While we don’t like to “pick on” other disciplines, if you choose a subject like psychology – which traditionally entices the masses – you’re asking for a tough search for a job. Computer science, and jobs that focus around coding and a whole host of other technologies such as ecommerce, are big business at the moment. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and there’s every chance you’ll jump immediately into a job.

Reason #2 – Money talks

As well as having opportunities available, many of these jobs are very well-paid. While we’re not going to tell you your exact salary upon graduation, it’s safe to say that it will be comfortably above average. In fact, if we go one step further, we probably don’t have to remind you about the multi-millionaire potential that programming offers (just ask Mark Zuckerberg and his friends).

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Reason #3 – You can still head in multiple directions

The beauty about most computer science career programs is that they are geared to making your career as easy as possible. In the past, a lot were based purely on theory – but now they are of a much wider scope and concentrate on methods and scenarios that are going to suit the future professional.

All of the above means that you can be prepared for the magnitude of opportunities that a computer science degree offers. While it might seem like quite a one dimensional subject, it’s worth mentioning that you can venture into numerous fields varying from medicine to engineering. Few career choices allow you to do this, and new teaching methods make it completely possible as well.


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