What role does mobile technology play in business?


Around the world the current surge in demand for access to business information and applications is largely driven by the assimilation of mobile technologies. Mobile technologies comprise of devices that run Android, Windows, BlackBerry or iOS operating systems. Smartphones and tablets are the most common portable internet-enabled devices today.

With the massive adoption of these mobile devices worldwide business managers are thinking of ways to effectively position their companies and to benefit from this growing trend. Many firms are seeking innovative ways to increase their productivity and profitability by taking advantage of mobile technology. In fact one of the top agendas for most companies today is to increase their presence in the available mobile platforms.

Mobile technology has helped to bridge the gap between businesses and their respective clients, bringing numerous advantages to both parties. These advancements in technology have changed the way businesses conduct their operations by increasing flexibility efficiency and convenience.

The next sections will discuss some of the ways businesses have benefitted from the wise use of mobile technology in their operations.

Better communication and networking

Mobile technology enables companies to increase communication between vendors, customers and staff members. It allows employees to connect and interact with each other. It also effectively assists in effectively engaging with clients. Other than increasing the efficiency of staff while at work, real-time communication can also help employees in making better presentations to clients since they can easily access company product or service information wherever they are and whenever they want to.

In addition better networking among work colleagues leads to the development of a strong, dynamic and creative work team that provides more value to customers and the organisation. 

Improved marketing

New business avenues were opened because of mobile technology. Recent research efforts have revealed that the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices is on the increase compared to those who go online through personal computers. In order to maintain competitive edge in the market companies and organisations have to look at new ways of engaging their clients using mobile technologies.

One of the best ways to attract and retain customers is through the creation of mobile applications or websites. These apps need to have simple and responsive user interfaces to increase customer conversion rates.

Businesses can also reach potential clients by strategically placing advertisements on mobile devices. Commonly used channel include banner ads, text messaging (SMS), Quick Response (QR) codes and various mobile apps. These adverts can be customised to reach specific target audiences based on the profile of the intended market.

Increased commerce

Many companies also take advantage of the progress in mobile technology by improving their clients’ purchasing power. Innovative entrepreneurs have come up with strategies like mobile tickets, coupons and vouchers to draw customers to their businesses.

Banks and other financial institutions are not really left behind as they have pioneered the development of mobile banking. This innovation allows their clients to transfer funds between different accounts, check their balances and confirm deposits and to process various bill payments. Money management firms and brokers can use mobile technology to deliver a wide variety of information to their customers. These pieces of information allow mobile phone users to respond appropriately and in a timely manner to market stimuli no matter where they currently are.

Furthermore, customers can now place their orders for different products and services electronically via mobile apps and company websites. This improves commerce as merchants can accept orders and make deliveries faster and more efficiently. 


If companies want to remain ahead of their competitors they have no choice but to integrate mobile technology within their operations. Company think tanks have to come up with creative ways to pull in customers while maintaining their existing client base.

Businesses have to continuously remain visible by marketing and advertising their services and products to prospective clients. Developing specialised business apps and websites is one excellent way of doing this. Organisations that wish to facilitate client transactions via mobile devices need to invest heavily in developing secure payment options. Enabling in-app purchases challenges companies to come up with creative ways to make the authorisation and transaction processes painless and hassle-free.

In addition mobile technology gives entrepreneurs, businesses and financial institutions the means to build and foster better relationships with their customers. By providing new technology that allows clients to provide feedback on services or products companies are able to create and offer better products. The clients will also feel that they are indeed a part of the organisation and are likely to support its operations.

Organisations that embrace mobile technology will not only increase their efficiency and profitability, they are also likely to maintain a positive working atmosphere for their employees.







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