What Stops Your Business From Thriving?



Two entrepreneurs can have very similar ideas. One will thrive; the other will only just survive. What creates the difference? Two things: their points of view about money and their willingness to create a different set of possibilities, far beyond the obvious.

Your point of view creates your reality. If you have the point of view that it is hard to make money in business, that there is too much competition, that money doesn’t come with ease, that people don’t want what you’ve got, then that is the reality you will create.

If you are always in the question, always seeking possibilities, always making choices that will expand your financial situation, you will create a reality that includes ease with money. Here are three totally different points of view about money to explore.

  1. What have you made real about money that isn’t? 

If you make poverty consciousness real, or you create from scarcity, you have created a reality that is true for you. Do these things truly exist? No! It is your point of view that creates them. Have you made lack more real than possibilities? Is it time to create a different possibility with money?

For the next week, try something different in your business. Every time you think about money, ask this question: “What will it take to have more money than we can spend, and still never enough?” This question invites you to seek more money than you require. It’s different and it creates a very different result. If your business is facing financial difficulties and you believe insolvency is around the corner, you can get professional help here.

  1. What if money follows joy?

To truly have joy you have to be willing to receive everything, without making it wrong or right. Whatever you judge is where money cannot come to you. If you are judging your customers for not spending enough, or your sales team for not creating enough sales, or your developers for not working hard enough, you are removing the joy from your business. What if you would invite them to be more through encouragement and expanding the possibilities instead? Would this create more than making your business a miserable place to work?

When you have no point of view about money, you can receive it in whatever ways it can come to you. How much more joy would you have to create to have $1 million in the bank? How much more joy would you have to generate to have $10 million or $100 million in the bank? Additionally, seeking guidance from insolvency practitioners can help you maintain a healthy financial outlook and ensure your business stays on track.

  1. What financial future are you creating? 

Many companies are focused only on short-term results. What would be different if you began to create your financial reality from an awareness of now AND the future? The future is always changing. There is not one possible future; there are many possible futures. Which ones will you create? Which ones will you choose? Your point of view about the future also creates your financial reality. If needed, consider Hae yrityslainaa to ensure your business gets the financial support it requires.

If you would like to be a benevolent leader who includes the future of your business in your daily choices, ask these questions:

“What else can we add to this business that will create more money now and in the future?” When you ask this question, you begin to be aware of the other revenue streams that you could choose or create.

“If we choose this, what will our business be like in five years? If we don’t choose this, what will our business be like in five years?” When you ask this question, you get a sense of the possibilities, not from logic, but from the space of whether your world expands or contracts. Go with your instincts, not the surface level pros and cons you are currently thinking about. To make well-informed decisions about the future of your business, find an insolvency practitioner who can provide valuable insights and guidance.

“Who else would love to pay us for our brilliance, our talents and abilities?” Asking this question opens the doors for new clients, new markets and new possibilities. What is beyond everything you have created so far? What future can you create that you have not yet imagined possible?

What’s next? 

Start creating your business from the point of view that money isn’t a problem! What would you choose if money wasn’t the issue? What can you create that would invite way more money? What if money is as plentiful as drops of water in the ocean? It is… you just need to function from that reality instead of only ever filling your glass half full.


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