Why is it Necessary to Install Emergency Back-up Generators?


No one wants a power outage. They’re inconvenient. For businesses, they mean lost work and eat into profit margins. Keep power cuts to a minimum with Hexo Services.


Generators keep the power going when the mains stop working. Back-up generators come on automatically within a few seconds of the power outage. The lights will flicker. The workforce will stand frozen and wait for the generators to kick in for a few exciting seconds. Disruption is kept to a minimum.

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Security systems run on electricity. Not all power outages are planned. It is impossible to predict how long an unexpected power outage will last without a crystal ball. There’s nothing like a dark building to send a signal to burglars that it is safe to enter.

With back-up generators, the security system is only down for a few seconds, if it goes down at all. The best burglars need more time to ransack a building. Anyone watching the building or trying to cut power to the building will notice the lights flicker when the electricity goes from mains to back-up and get out of there.

The Lift

Fear of being caught in a lift is an anxiety a lot of people share. If your business has a lift, employees and customers can relax knowing should the mains fail, the back-up generators will kick in and safely release them.

Mobile Data and Security

Employees won’t be happy to use their personal mobile phone data usage to send vital emails or field video calls set to a backdrop of emergency lights. The lines aren’t secure either. If your business demands confidentiality or handles sensitive details, including customers’ banking details and employees’ payroll details, relying on mobile data isn’t feasible.

Wi-Fi permeates modern life. It is easy to forget that it relies on electricity too. Back-up generators keep your business connected and sensitive information private.


Deadlines control the world. A prolonged power outage causes disruption. With the electric off, work cant be completed on schedule.

Rush jobs show poor quality work. Deadlines get missed entirely. Employees need extra motivation to get back to work, as the deadlines loom closer. Concentration and workflow are lost. Competitors take vital contracts.

Back-up generators keep things running smoothly, no matter how small or large your business.

Customer Security

Clients and customers experience anxiety when the lines of communication are disrupted. They don’t want someone phoning from their personal number. Their orders could be lost or delayed during a prolonged outage. Regular contact can be maintained during a power outage with back-up generators. With powerful back-up generators, the clients and customers never even need to know.


Power outages are expensive. There’s no doubt about it. Generators stop the disruptions and keep the business running smoothly. There’s nothing better than the lights flickering and hearing employees whisper about the generators kicking in before returning to work.

Employees caught in the lift during the few seconds changeover time deserve an extra tea break.

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