Why Square Is The Worst Credit Card Processor Ever!

Had to say about Square App he’s had no complaints then last month he tried to buy parts and his card was declined he checked his account it said pending I quit adding it up after seven thousand I’m like well no wonder I don’t have any money square has my money square told newberry they were holding his money because of a chargeback and his large volume of transactions.

I felt defrauded they took over 2 500 bucks they won’t release it they won’t give me the money I’ve tried to call them contact them well the owners of a Toronto coffee stand who turned to a new technology to help with their business says that decision has cost them thousands of dollars now that technology is called Square the Square just seems so easy and it’s not after running 25-hundred dollars in legal fees for a criminal suspect Square squawked they’ve taken my money and they’re holding it for 90 days for what reason in an email Square called the charges high risk activity they closed the account and are holding the money for 90 days phone support was only available for customers with current accounts. She said she didn’t get her 20 thousand dollars back until she wrote a letter to the company’s CEO.

Anyway I find that extremely troubling and again a lot of these a lot of stuff I’m going to talk about in this video is from my own experience but before I get started with my opinion and why you should not use SquareUp.com or Square App I want to show you the bbb page on Square Up or Square App and it’ll blow you away all right so here we are this is.

The bbb better business bureau on Square inc it’s a credit card merchant service provider and I want to clarify something I had said earlier Square PayPal stripe they do charge a transactional fee they do charge what you call it a percentage but that’s new school old school when I was using a merchant processor they would charge you not only the transactional fee the percentage fee there’s a gateway fee there was a pci fee there was a monthly fee so it got to the point where it was literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I don’t mind paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars in transactional fees because it’s convenience for me and my consumer but I like the fact that these other new processors like PayPal and stripe allow you to do it without having a monthly uh hook on there uh and without just gouging you right nickel and diming you to death so that’s good news.

Back to this uh so here’s what’s going on Square inc credit card merchant processor right now it’s current alerts for this business this is a it has a pattern of complaints and it’s got the lowest possible rating one star and the only reason it has one star is because they don’t do zero stars if they did I would imagine it would have zero stars uh this business this won’t surprise you this business is not a bbb accredited company wow it’s been in business 11 years which I find that to be amazing um and here’s the thing that’s really shocking 404 679 complaints closed just in the last three years and a good chunk of that looks like 2 900 complaints closed just in the last 12 months so these guys are bad news for small business operators.

If you haven’t gotten that idea yet that if you’re using Square for your business you are gambling with your money because at any minute now they could decide that you’re a high risk individual or business and boom turn you off like they’ve done thousands of other customers I have been using PayPal for approximately 12 years 15 years never had a problem with them and so just because I am a would call it I like to have backups I’m a big believer in having a backup to your backup to your backup to your backup so the reason I started using Square is because I wanted to be just again just in case something happened with PayPal.

I had Square and I want to urge you to do the same thing so if you are using Square and you’re gonna continue to use Square then you need to have a backup so go get a PayPal account very easy to work with very good folks they actually get on the phone with you without having to jump through hoops this is one of my other big complaints about Square you can’t even call them without jumping through hoops so if you want to get on the phone with a Square App representative they have to send you a code and then you call them and then you got to put in the code and then you get on the phone with somebody who 99 of time can’t even help you they have to refer you to a department who can’t get on the phone with you but will email you within 24 to 48 hours so if you want if you want a high level of customer service Square Up or Square App is not for you if you want to protect yourself then you want to have another merchant account.

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I would definitely advise you to get PayPal maybe even stripe or both it doesn’t hurt you any because there’s not a monthly fee associated with these merchant processors it doesn’t cost you any money but if for whatever reason one of these merchant processors go down because they’re all online and they could be hacked or you know god forbid a company goes out of business or something happens you have a backup that’s all I’m saying so my first advice is get away from Square because it’s gonna come bites in the butt second if you’re gonna stay with Square then get yourself a backup all right so I don’t know exactly what went wrong with my relationship with Square they uh just like they did with the attorney they sent me a a boiler what would call it a template or boiler template saying “hey your account’s been closed we consider you high risk have a nice day”.

There is no dispute there’s no disputing this final decision has been made boom so it’s a terrible way to do business and all I can say is that the challenge I see with Square is that they not only do they want to control your money to extent they also want to help you book your appointments and you can see the problem with this if they’re controlling your appointments and controlling your money then once they turn one thing off they’re going to turn the other thing off and you’re going to be in a serious world of hurt the other thing that they started doing a few years ago is website so you can actually put together a one-page or multi-page website using the Square web page builder, and I’m so grateful I didn’t do that.

So, could you imagine if they control your website your money and your appointments and they decide that for whatever reason you’re high risk and they don’t like you and so all said bam they turn you off so you want to just again my opinion get away from Square as quickly as possible what I find interesting about Square is that the CEO of Square is also the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, and he seems to be okay operating Square the way it’s doing it on abusing small operators like myself and other people.

He didn’t respond to our request for an interview Square I think started out to be a good merchant processor and I kind of get where they’re coming from look when you are processing merchant accounts when you’re processing credit cards over the internet there is a possibility for fraud but there’s measures for that I mean it’s not like you can operate you can open up a Square account and just start press processing credit cards willy nilly.ç

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They want your ID, they want a background check, they need business information, banking information. They go through all the steps to make sure that you’re a real person in a real business and then they start letting you operate and a lot of merchants use Square so I don’t understand how they can turn some people off for no reason it would be nice if they gave me a warning the way they connect business is so poor and so abhorrent to normal operating standards that it blows my mind that they are still around they’re a publicly traded company so maybe you want to buy some other stock.

I will not be supporting Square in any other endeavors so Square in my opinion is horrible get away from them if you’re going to continue to use Square make sure you have a backup account use PayPal stripe or both and if you have questions about Square or any other software program anything that you’re using in business let me know and I’ll be glad to do a review on it but if you have a particular comment about this review please leave it in the comment section below and as always my friends thank you for stopping by I appreciate it and remember: you were created to succeed

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