Work Stress: Activities to Relax Employees Throughout the Day


Work stress is exhausting! It leads to employees being less productive, feeling overwhelmed, and having serious health issues that can take them away from the workplace. According to the Health and Safety Executive, more than 11.7 million days of work were missed in the 2015/2016 year due to work stress related issues. If you need to relieve some work stress, you might want to consider float therapy.

Whether you are an employee or the supervisor of an employee in a stressful workplace, use some of the following tools and activities to break the tension and relax throughout the day.

Adult Coloring Books

Revert back to your blessed childhood days when coloring brought much joy to your life. Coloring on the go is now made simple with the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala app for smartphones. This Mandala coloring book app is perfect for people of all ages and provides soothing relief for a stressful day, without having to carry a coloring book and other supplies around with you. There are many different coloring pages to choose from and most of them are free!


Music heals the soul and refreshes the mind. If stress is wreaking havoc on your productivity, step away from your desk, put in your earbuds, and listen to some relaxing tunes for a few minutes. Celtic, Native American, harp, and Indie music are among the best genres for relaxation as the sounds are rhythmic and calming. Employers can play soft music over the PA system or allow employees to have music devices at their desks so they can pick out songs that best fit their taste and listen to them quietly while they work.

Team Building Games

Lighten up the mood in the workplace by engaging employees in team building games. Whether employees are grouped together to solve riddles and puzzles or come up with a new invention, give them something to bond over and laugh about. Sweeten the pot by offering prizes, such as gift cards and treat baskets, to the winning team. You could try out these Irving activities and play quick games throughout the day or play games in steps that lead to a grand prize after a defined period of time.

Quick Workouts

Designate a space at the workplace for fitness related activities. Frequent stretching and quick workouts decrease stress levels in the body which leads to employees feeling more comfortable and being more productive. Set up mats, provide weights, and let them watch some TV while they better their health. Employees will be ready to go back to work in no time and will be more limber and have a fresh mindset to tackle the problems of the day.

Relieve the stress and tension at your workplace by engaging in activities and using apps that promote relaxation. When employees are stressed out, their productivity suffers and this affects the business as a whole. Use these tools and activities within your workplace and reap the rewards of having happy and healthy employees.




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