YouveGotFunds asks Shark Tank or Crowdfunding?

Got a great business idea? What is the best way to finance it? Should an Innovator go on Shark Tank and get free Network TV coverage or should they list their idea on a Crowdfunding website, like and reach a global audience?
With Shark Tank, entrepreneurs have the opportunity of making a deal with a Shark, a Billionaire Business Professional. They can also gain valuable insight and the possibility of merging with their connections to grow their business. However, they can also face ridicule, name calling and the loss of credibility in front of a large audience. While some have reached incredible success with the Sharks, more have not and are still struggling for other means of financing.

With Crowdfunding, a project’s success is not limited to 5 highly paid Sharks wanting equity of a company or a 5% royalty paid in perpetuity. Instead, the project creator is in control. They create the “pitch”. They determine their financial goals and decide how the funds will be spent. Contributions come in all sizes.

Join the Crowdfunding movement. Forbes Magazine is projecting that 2013 will be a $5.1 Billion for the industry. It’s free to list an idea. At, a project creator always keeps their equity and the capital they raise. They can find supporters worldwide and succeed in ways they never imagined.

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