Money For Lunch – 15 Ways to Make an Old RV As Good as New

15 Ways to Make an Old RV As Good as New

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When you’ve been driving your RV around for a while, then you know that the wear and tear can be real. If you’ve been taking your RV out on road trips, then things can get pretty old, pretty fast. The interior of your RV might not be as shiny as it used to be. The floors might be scuffed up and looking a bit worse for the road. And don’t even get us started on what the exterior of your RV probably looks like. That’s why you should keep reading down below to learn more about the top ways that you can make your old RV as good as new.

  1. Think about adding an actual dining room table to your RV

Sure, that dinette might have been cute for the first couple of road trips. But wouldn’t it be so much better for you to have a full dining table set to eat off of during your trips? There are tons of ways that you can make this happen for your RV, just check and see what you can actually fit into your RV.

  1. Get rid of that old carpet and replace it with something new and fresh

Of course, you have probably had that carpet in your RV for years. And chances are high that it’s looking a little worse for the wear. Make sure to get up that carpet and replace it with some new and fresh carpeting. Or even get rid of the carpeting altogether and go for laminate wood flooring!

  1. Use wallpaper as an accent on your RV interior walls

When you are talking about the interior of your RV, there’s nothing more important than what is on your walls. Wherever you have accent walls, go for some colorful and bright wallpaper. This will give some depth to the interior of your RV.

  1. And on your other walls, give your RV a fresh coat of paint

And on those main walls that aren’t accent walls, then you can give your RV a fresh coat of paint. Go for a color that matches your wallpaper, that way there’s no clashing going on between colors and patterns.

  1. Get some curtains for those naked windows

You shouldn’t be looking out those windows all of the time. And along with that, you definitely don’t want people looking in all of the time. That’s why you should add some nice curtains to the interior of your windows.

  1. Add some vinyl flooring for your kitchen to add contrast

When it comes to Auto & RV Body Shop Repair, you definitely should want to separate out your kitchen from the rest of the space. Getting some vinyl flooring installed in the kitchen will do just that.

  1. Change up the upholstery on your furniture

Chances are high that your furniture is looking a little rough. A little upholstery change is going to make your furniture look great again!

  1. Add in a working desk for those times when you need to get some work done

Sure, vacations are about fun and games, but you might just have to get some work done at times. Install a working desk where you can keep your laptop and other working supplies.

  1. Update the plumbing on your RV

You never want to get into a bad plumbing situation with your RV. Make sure to update that plumbing to get it working as good as new again.

  1. Get a porcelain toilet into your bathroom

What’s more like home than a porcelain toilet? Nothing! Get one installed and your RV is going to feel just like home.

  1. If you have a cat, make sure to get them a new litter box

Sure, you might also have a cat that needs to go to the bathroom. Get them a new litter box if you haven’t in a while.

  1. Get a digital thermostat installed

What better way to improve your RV than improving the temperature? You can do just that with a digital smart thermostat.

  1. Install a fan somewhere in the RV to keep cool on those warmer trips

If you don’t have the money to install a smart thermostat, then you can easily update your RV by keeping a fan in there. This is going to keep you cool!

  1. Give the exterior of your vehicle a fresh coat of paint

Of course, you’ve also got to think about the exterior of your RV. Make sure to give it a fresh coat of paint if it hasn’t had one in a while.

  1. Replace those tires if they have been on there for a while

Your tires are probably looking a little worse for the wear. Fill them up or replace them!

There you have it! Updating your RV and making it look as good as new is super simple. Make sure to keep these points in mind.


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