Money For Lunch – 3 Best Commercial Washing Machine Brands to Buy in 2018

3 Best Commercial Washing Machine Brands to Buy in 2018

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Building a successful laundry business depends largely on having the right equipment for the job – especially the washing machine. These three commercial washers featured here are go-to sources for laundry innovations, with a wide range of options available to serve your needs.


Maytag is recognized for over 50 years of power and dependability. They have reinvented their top load commercial washer. It is built to clean. Assembly of the ME 20 takes place on a dedicated laundry line at the Clyde Ohio facility. The heavy-duty cabinet design has sturdy, extra strength, high-grade galvanized steel front, and side panels.

The durable finish on the premium porcelain enamel top and lid stand up to a high-traffic environment. A sleek one-piece wrap console protects the internal components from unexpected liquids or vapor, while a robust front channel support bracket supplies additional strength.

It is engineered to minimize downtime and streamline maintenance. The front panel and console remove easily. The steel base provides easy access to the motor, drive system, and pump. Diagnostics help, to quickly find potential problems, to get machines back in service.

The machines have the essentials for commercial washers. They have a deeper water wash system. The spin-fill, wet down sprays water evenly for a thoroughly soaked load. Three deepwater cycles meet individual load needs while providing extraordinary performance.

Creating vigorous cleaning action is a robust drive system carrying a traditional flex vane agitator with a powerful half horsepower motor to move large loads. A watertight triple lip seal and premium bearings help extend the machine’s longevity.

Intelligent controls with M-series technology give you the customized individual cycles and options along with multi-level and time of day pricing capabilities that maximize revenue opportunities. Compatibility with Maytag Connect 360 Mobile technology means you can manage performance any time and anywhere. You get a sturdy, reliable, dependable, and profitable product.

LG Commercial Washer

Purchasing LG Commercial laundry systems is a solution that includes suitable equipment and full support. LG Commercial Laundry provides differentiated and meaningful value to its customers by offering product reliability that is energy and space saving and low maintenance.

LG continues to enhance commercial laundry presence that maximizes profits and sustains growth with its global partners. LG commercial washers are a means of saving costs with high-efficiency, which leads to highly reliable gains. Business owners purchase LG commercial washers for their durability, efficiency, and convenience.

The LG Inverter Direct Drive that is a directly attached motor to the drum provides superior reliability and durability. The machine offers low vibration performance and quiet. The washers have fewer parts which equate to fewer repairs. The LG high-efficiency washer has earned the ENERGY STAR qualification.

As an alternative to the best LG top loading washing machine, the stackable design allows more machines and customers in a limited space. Intuitive programming control enables users to choose from various programs, and functions smoothly.


The Electrolux professional washing machine is known as a product from a leading manufacturer of innovative laundry solutions. Its high efficiency washer has all the latest state-of-the-art features. The high-speed performance of the ‘X’ washers places it in the category of commercial laundry solutions that use less water, time, and energy.

The solid mount commercial washers remove more water because they spin faster than some other machines. The result is less time needed to dry, which translates to significant labor and energy savings. The ‘X’ model is perfect for dry cleaners, nursing homes, hospitals, motels, and hotels.

For locations where traditional bolt down installation is not possible, Electrolux has a Soft Mount ‘H’ washer. The washers install on upper levels, over basements, and on wooden floors. The design of the machines provide superior wash results and efficiency.

This model also dries quickly and reduces energy costs and time which make for a more productive laundry operation. The ‘H’ model is ideal for heavy cotton fabric such as terry towels. You find them in high-end restaurants and health clubs in addition to the locations that use the ‘X’ model.


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