Money For Lunch – 3 Reasons You Should Start A Laundry Business

3 Reasons You Should Start A Laundry Business

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Believe it or not, investing in a laundry business is one of the safer and more lucrative directions a person could take their entrepreneurial drive. If you play your cards right, you can enjoy a business that’s relatively insulated from mishaps and malfunctions and a relatively steady stream of customers.

We have three very good reasons why anyone looking to start a business should take the laundry industry for a spin:

  1. Laundry Machines are Getting Smarter, Cheaper, and More Reliable

Major players in the commercial washer manufacturing industry like have all but perfected their craft in the years that they’ve been in business. The quality and reliability of your average, top-of-the-line model are leagues ahead of anything you could have found on the market a decade ago.

For one thing, commercial washing machines have finally been graced by the trend of infusing everyday appliances with smart technology to enhance their connectivity and functionality. Laundromat entrepreneurs who have the freedom to build an inventory of equipment from scratch can easily impress future customers with an array of modern washers they can monitor from their smartphones and operate with pre-selected settings tailored to take care of specific types of loads.

Reliability is another major selling point. Since washing machines are a staple of households, businesses, and even industries (e.g. hotels and hospitality), manufacturers are generally very quick and responsive in sending their in-house repair crews or at the very least referring you to ones nearby. These machines are built to take a pounding, but even in the worst cases help is readily available.

As far as investments go, your laundry equipment is very likely to give you few headaches.

  1. You’re Likely to Have a Steady Stream of Customers

From your local bed and breakfast to the college student sitting on a mountain of worn clothes, everybody needs to get their laundry done at some point. As statistics would go to show, laundromats are unlikely to run out of clients in need of their services.

For the laundry industry, ensuring these customers stay loyal is a matter of paying mind to their comfort and showing them a pleasant experience at your store. It really doesn’t take much to keep a person coming back to do the laundry, and you’d be surprised at how little effort it takes to make doing laundry pleasant for them. 

  1. It’s Quite Easy to Stand Out

So you have a laundry business people don’t mind patronizing. Some might even enjoy the ritual of coming over to get their cleaning done. The logical next step is to make an impact on potential clients; for a laundry business, this is surprisingly easy.

People have existing impressions of what a laundromat should be: a quiet, sometimes awkward place to sit around with a bunch of strangers while waiting for your intimate wear to dry off. But take the case of Japanese laundromats for an example of how this stereotype can work to your advantage.

People are so used to laundry being dull business that laundromats which take a little effort can make waves. Make your interiors feel vibrant, make sure your staff is pleasant and polite, and supply clients with all kinds of entertaining distractions –it’ll be the first time you’ll ever hear someone rave to their friends about their laundromat of choice.

Make the smart decision and invest in laundry. Not only will you be supplying an important service to your community, but the nitty gritty side of the business is a lot kinder than other common go-to ventures for people with the money to spend.

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