Money For Lunch – 5 Hallmarks of a Trustworthy Construction Company

5 Hallmarks of a Trustworthy Construction Company

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The bigger the construction project that needs to take place, the more important it is for you to find the right company to carry out the work for you. This can be difficult, as there are as many horror stories about poor work and voided contracts as there are potential companies, so make sure that you’re protected from risk. Not only should the company you choose have all the right insurance, but they should be willing to back up their promises with the appropriate surety bonds for the job they’re undertaking. To avoid disappointment, or even disaster, read on to learn the five hallmarks of a trustworthy construction company.

Modern Equipment

Whether you have to look on the company’s website or even go down to their yard, you should be able to check if they use equipment that will meet the specifications of the job. A trustworthy construction company will be proud of its machinery, and may even consider their up to date machinery part of their marketing strategy, in which case, they’ll be only too happy for you to learn about their equipment.

Great Customer Service

A construction company will be working with you for quite some time, so be aware of the quality of their customer service, and the care they take over it, before anything is agreed. You don’t want to be dealing with poor customer service when you are part way through a project and you need further clarification, or else something seems to be going wrong. When you contact the company beforehand, they should have all the information you might want about their insurance policy and they should be more than happy to back up their claims by agreeing to have Poms & Associates construction surety bonds in place.

Experience and Achievement

When it’s a largescale project, you can’t afford to experience failure or delays, so check up on previous work carried out by this company. Again, they should ideally be proud of their previous achievements and want to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the reasons why their company is trustworthy. If this isn’t the case then you should be wary. Ask around if any of your contacts or friends have had dealings with them before.

Perks for Top Clients

If you’re providing this company with a lot of work then you shouldn’t be treated like any other customer. You can expect either discounts or extras to be added on, both to stay ahead of their competition and to improve the finished results of the project.

Honesty, Discussion and Negotiation

If you aren’t getting the strong sense that you’re the boss then something might be wrong. A trustworthy construction company will want to maximize discussions about the specifications of the work and your expectations. They should also be comfortable with negotiations, but honest about the reasons why they can’t move on a particular issue. Ask as many questions as you can before anything has been set in stone, and make sure you are getting honest and reasonable answers from the company in question. If this is the case, it’s likely that they are a trustworthy construction company worthy hiring for the job.

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