Money For Lunch – 5 Indications That You Need Physiotherapy

5 Indications That You Need Physiotherapy

August 2, 2016 6:46 AM0 commentsViews: 115

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When we think of physiotherapy, we decisively imagine a person hooked to set of hangers on a bed or dumped on a wheelchair after an accident or major mishap. This is the major reason why we ignore minor issues that probably are signs that we need physiotherapy. It is not justa solution to serve severe conditions only but a tool that should be used by all with minor problems. Moreover, to your surprise, physiotherapy solves regular day physical issues like back pain, lack of coordination, sitting and sleeping problem, etc. While we ignore these minor disabilities every day, our bodies adapt to the setback and draw back our reach towards a fit and sturdy physique.

Hence, today we are going to highlight five different signs which suggest you need physiotherapy. Ignorance of physiotherapeutic issues might lead to a stressed out lifestyle and even greater disabilities. Therefore, physiotherapy should be considered a friendly way of dealing with regular minor disorders.

Chronic pain

From small humming muscle ache during sleep to recurring pain at certain postures, if there’s pain that has long been with you, it’s time to consider physiotherapy. The results will eliminate the pain and bring better physical performance.

Chronic pains can come from small injuries like spraining an ankle, falling from the chair, straining a muscle from running; in other words, from daily events. If you ascertain the pain isn’t curing in due time and turning chronic, you should seek physiotherapy.

Pain from Continuous Sitting

We tend tosit continuously for hours behind a computer, even at home these days. Technology has turned us into the laziest species with mobile, tablets and computers which lead our daily routine of sitting and lying at different postures for long periods of time.  This lack of locomotion makes our bodies loose, less toned and sometimes adapting to the abnormal posture, ultimately changing our physique. Hence, check your way of sitting – make sure you are sitting upright with your spine straight and your thighs resting parallel to the ground. On the other hand, if you are sitting or semi-lying down in other positions, make sure that you aren’t stretching any muscle beyond the normal.


Lack of Balance

A distorted coordination of body can make you feel imbalanced and dizzy. This is not acceptable as people lose power of a complete-grip while walking and moving. The issue might arise from weak core muscles and days of no physical activity. However, this doesn’t have to be permanent and physiotherapy is just the right potion to erase imbalance.

Tingling Sensations

Physio issues might also occur from nerve problems and neurological disorders. Never endings might sustainably suffer long after neurological injuries like heart attacks, brain strokes, etc. No matter how minor the injury is, it might leave a seed of pain. If physical activities make your feel a pinching pain in any part of your body, you must consider physiotherapy. It will not just take away the nerve problems but also make your nerves feel alive again.

Not Sleeping like Sleeping

Bad sleeping postures and patterns are common problems among many individuals. However normal this problem might appear, it really is not. A lot of people suffer from not sleeping because of back pains or perhaps not feeling completely rested after waking up. These are all signs indicating the body needs attention. Remember that good sleep is one of the best benefits of having physiotherapy. This means that it will improve your overall health while making you more efficient after sleep.


Although you can find a lot of information on the internet regarding pain relief medications, we can all now agree that physiotherapy helps us in solving small physical issues too and is not just a thing for major injuries. With this in mind, we should in no way ignore minor pains and aches that seem un-healing or numb in present. Hence, it’s time to seek out physiotherapy whenever you feel any of the above five signals. Keep in mind that physiotherapy is there at your expense to improve physique and lead you to the fittest version.



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