Money For Lunch – Boost your Blog Traffic with an Email Signature

Boost your Blog Traffic with an Email Signature

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You have finally found your hidden talent, and with your blog site initially well received, your focus is now firmly on driving traffic. Of course, email marketing is a valuable tool, and would be one of several avenues that can be exploited in the never ending search for more hits, and with a personalised email signature, it says something about you as a writer, and a person.

Creating the Right Image                                             

Everything we put out on the digital highway represents us, and with that in mind, even the smallest details are important, and when you consider how many emails you send in a typical day, your customised signature will be creating the right image. In fact, you can start straight away, by using the excellent Zippysig signature generator or similar platforms, and with some careful selections, you can have a signature that says something about you.

Powerful Tools

Many people are unaware of the possibilities with an email signature, which could include any of the following:

  • A link to your blog site
  • Your logo
  • Your colours
  • Icons and Images

These innovative additions enable you to drive traffic by giving the user frequent calls to action, and if this is done correctly, the results will reflect the effectiveness of a personalised email signature. For a blogger, turning the actual signature into a link to the blog site would work very well, and with the right choice of colour, it would make an effective call to action.

Social Media

Your customised email signature can also be used on your Facebook and Twitter pages, giving users added opportunities to check out your blog. The power of social media should never be underestimated, and any business or organisation that does not have a healthy social media presence is losing a great opportunity, as social media is now one of the most popular platforms for online shopping, and even for a blogger, having a strong social media presence is essential.

Calls to Action

The critical stage in the conversion process, having the ability to incorporate calls to action into your email signatures makes for a dynamic way to encourage users to take action, and with careful distribution, your personalised email signature will be a valuable addition to a growing arsenal of tools to drive traffic to your blog. If the call to action is included in the signature, it couldn’t be in a better position, and with the right text and colour, the signature will perform as expected and ensure a rise in visitors.

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, you must use all of the resources at your disposal, and a personalised email signature is one way to effectively drive traffic to your website. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, there are resources online that can help you to develop an effective email signature that does more than direct traffic to your site, it also boosts your online image.

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