Money For Lunch – Braving the BoGo: How You Display Your Buy One Get One Sales is Essential

Braving the BoGo: How You Display Your Buy One Get One Sales is Essential

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When displaying your buy one get one sales (BoGo) it is important to engage and capture the attention of your customer while utilizing your space in an attractive efficient manner. The type of retail store fixtures you utilize can encourage customers to spend more. There are three main points to consider before beginning your next BoGo sale.

Free Moves Products

There is something about the allure of free. It has proven to break down a customer’s hindrance to purchasing a product. Free gives the allusion of higher value and customers who never had the product on their list to begin with are more inclined to impulse buys if they are rewarded with free. Make the second product 50% of the result is not as successful. If you’re trying to decide on the value of a BoGo sale verses a buy one get one half off sale, stop questioning yourself.

If a customer is hesitant to try an unfamiliar product, apprehension is removed with the reward of free. Free moves products, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Cross Promotion Is Key

Carefully place your BoGo products in a way that targets buyers of the BoGo to purchase a related product. A buyer purchasing a movie will be more apt to purchase snacks to go with the movie if the BoGo movie sale is in the candy or popcorn isle, or if the candy is in the movie isle. Cross promotion gives the allusion of reward for finding a sales item and a related product. The customer leaves feeling more satisfied with their purchase while you have more of their money in your cash register.

Think creatively about who your customers are and what their sales points are. A BoGo sale on tennis balls might be perfect next to a brandnew tennis racket you are working on promoting. Know your cliental and what their needs and wants are.

Dump Bins

Dump bins are an easy way to promote a BoGo. They are versatile and easy to move throughout the store to encourage cross promotion. They have a smaller footprint than shelves and it is easier to contain bulk products in large bins than to maintain an organized clean look on a shelf. Dump bins have the added bonus of encouraging impulse purchases. They can be used in non-traditional areas of the store, in an isle, or near the checkout for a last minute add on.

Bargain shoppers enjoy the thrill of digging through the bins to find that one perfect product everyone else missed. There is a sense of accomplishment in digging for buried treasure. This adds a wow factor to the customer’s experience, creates additional value of the product, and gets the customer one step closer to finalizing the purchase.

BoGo’s move product. So dust off that one product you haven’t been able to sell in a month, throw them all in a dump bin, position the bin to cross promote full price items, and slap that BoGo sign right on top. You’ll be moving product in no time!



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