Money For Lunch – Can a home renovation actually be good for your health?

Can a home renovation actually be good for your health?

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Health is not always a major consideration when planning for a home renovation, but it should be.

We now spend two-thirds of our time indoors. This means that the negative effects of poorly heated or ventilated buildings are being multiplied, and therefore starting to cause serious issues such as respiratory diseases and allergies.

The recent 2017 Healthy Homes Barometer gives an in-depth look at just how much lives are affected by their immediate environment and living conditions, with people living in cold or mouldy homes 50% more likely to suffer an illness. This statistic just confirms what we already know ourselves to be true.

There are also mental health benefits worth mentioning. When your house is secure, you have peace of mind and because you´re saving money there is less stress from incoming bills. There are also the intangible benefits of just living in a house you love, a house which is well lit and warm. Added to this is the knowledge that you are reducing your carbon footprint and so helping to support a cause you believe strongly in and you can´t help but feel better.

So, what can be done to increase the health properties of your home?

Replacing the windows and doors is fundamental. By controlling the amount of condensation, double-glazing can help to reduce mould build-up and the problems that come with this, from asthma to allergies. If your children have asthma, then the inside environment could be a factor and so needs to be dealt with. Replacing the windows and doors will also help to maintain a more stable temperature and this too will benefit health by reducing the effects of any respiratory disease.

In addition, new uPVC windows can be especially beneficial if you suffer from bronchial problems or heavy colds. The new windows are designed with seals which reduce dust and pollen, leaving the home free of particles and the resident with reduced irritation.

Glazing technology is always improving, making it more efficient and therefore more attractive to many homeowners. In addition, the styles have developed and diversified, meaning that there are now styles to suite almost any home, even period properties.

It is also possible to add glazing films to the windows to help reduce any negative effects caused by intense sunlight, such as heat related illnesses or damage to the eyes.

Contact the team at Minster Windows for further information on how new windows and doors can improve your home or business.

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