Money For Lunch – Checklist for Increasing Sales on a Global Scale

Checklist for Increasing Sales on a Global Scale

August 3, 2016 6:49 AM0 commentsViews: 44

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Who doesn’t want their business to reach a global market? It’s the dream of many, but a reality of only a select few. However, the advent of the internet, especially its increasing accessibility to men and women worldwide, has allowed even small businesses to find a slice of global customer pie. Indeed, many small “mom and pop” enterprises are failing to hit a stride in sales until they successfully tap into the world market.

Folks unfamiliar with the ways in which to reach out to a global customer base – never fear. The following is a step by step guide for increasing sales on a global scale:

Optimize the payment process

The first item on the checklist is making sure customers are able to successfully fulfill a buy order no matter where they are on the planet. To this end, it’s important to select an online payment processing solution capable of processing payments in all the major worldwide currencies. The company comes to mind, as they handle 150 currencies and counting. By utilizing such a service, businesses instantly make themselves available to customers around the globe.

Maintain a visual social media presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media services are accessible to users across the planet. Therefore it’s obvious these networks play a major role in reaching out to potential customers on every continent. Yet how to break the language barrier? The solution is simple: focus on visual posts: photos and videos. Images are universal; while a paragraph hocking a new product can appeal to readers of that language, a video showcasing the product can invoke a reaction from anyone with working eyes.

Simplify shipping options

The millions of combinations possible between two points of shipping mean shipping costs can get pretty complex, especially when products of various size and weight are being shipped. The decision to simplify shipping for customers will likely bring more folks closer to finalizing their orders. This is because customers the world over are therefore less likely to question the cost effectiveness of their purchase decision.

Know the world better

Many people shy away from expanding business into foreign markets due to their lack of knowledge about these places. Simply expanding knowledge of the world through news and other educational sources can empower business leaders in the act of accessing potential customers overseas. Such knowledge allows for an accurate understanding of the risks and rewards of operating a business with global ties.

Hire an interpreter when needed

Depending on the business, communication with customers may require detailed conversations and negotiations. Language barriers have historically been the limiter of international business. However, if the stakes justify the costs of an interpreter, hiring a translator is worth the investment for a chance to expose your company to a new market.

Selling to customers on every continent is the dream of any true entrepreneur. It may seem like a far-fetched fantasy without a world-changing product, but making in-roads in markets across the globe is possible even for small niche businesses, thanks to the internet. Getting started takes a simple checklist of actions. The results could be a vast expansion of clientele – and profits.


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