Money For Lunch – Common Sense For Church Finances

Common Sense For Church Finances

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If you are a pastor or a council member or deacon at your church, you are well acquainted with the stress of keeping a church going. Not only are you responsible for the spiritual leadership of your flock, you have the business side of a church to think about, as well. Unfortunately, just like anything else in the world, to run a church takes money. Here are a few tips that will help things run smoother.

Screen All Requests for Help

 Back several decades ago, you did not have to worry as much about people trying to rip off the church. Sadly, in 2017, the church is taken advantage of on a daily basis. Yes, the church is there to help and help it should. However, to hand monetary assistance to someone who doesn’t need it and is will to deceive you to get it is just an unwise use of the church’s funds. A screening form will allow you to judge the need of the person or family applying. Many think this is a cold way to run things, but even the Bible says the church should be, “wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.”

Be Willing to Cut the Budget

 There are a lot of churches that are flourishing at present, but for every church that is, there are probably two or three that are not. Almost every church pays a salary to the pastor, youth pastor, if they have one, and usually, a music director. There are everyday bills like the electricity and water. Then, there are expenses like Sunday School materials, snacks for the kids, taking care of the lawn, and paying for underprivileged kids to go to church camp. Sometimes, we just cannot do it all. Consider having the Sunday School teachers collaborate to make their own curriculum. Have parents to donate snacks. Ask some of the gentlemen in the church to take care of the grass. If all else fails, your paid positions should be willing to take a cut in pay or even give up their salary completely. These are not easy solutions, but they will work.

Adding On

 Hopefully, at some point in the life of a church, the population will outgrow the facility and you will need to add on or rebuild to suit the needs of the growth. Building on to anything can be expensive, especially for a church. At the very least, it can be an overwhelming task. The average church’s income fluctuates with the progress of its members. If you are lucky, you will have a few or maybe several men and women in your church that have the expertise to help build whatever you need. If not, don’t be afraid to reach out to a financial counselor. You can accomplish this huge move of progress with the right help.

In the end, no matter what the decision is, if it involves money, stop and take the time to think about the wisest way to spend or not spend it. If you don’t, a church can end up in bankruptcy just as easy as the individual.




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