Money For Lunch – DIY Projects: Money-Savers Or Not?

DIY Projects: Money-Savers Or Not?

August 9, 2017 12:52 PM0 commentsViews: 17

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Whenever any project has to be accomplished, you may end up asking yourself the question “should I do it myself?”  In other words, should you turn it into a DIY project? The answer to this issue will depend on a few things. Are you trying to save money? If that’s the impetus behind the DIY aspects, then you should figure out in advance what the cost is going to be for you to do it, or for a professional to do it.

A few different DIY projects to look at to determine this money-saving status would be for things like home renovations, building furniture, landscaping around your home, or just taking care of interior decoration.

Home Renovations

 Home improvement can be tough. They can require expensive tools. They can require certain skill sets that people have to practice for years before they get good at it. That said, if you get the itch to do some DIY home renovations, it’s important that you realize that there are some that you really should avoid. If you look at a project and there’s a high chance that you’re going to come away from it having created something worse than was there before or damaging some significant aspect of your home, it’s probably better to step away.

Building Furniture

 Furniture is expensive! If you find that you have fixated on that thought, you may consider building your furniture. The money-saving aspect of this choice is going to be fairly significant; however, it’s going to be the tools that get you with this particular decision. Buying saws, drills, and other specialized pieces of equipment to make furniture properly is going to get up there and cost. So whereas you might not want to pay $5000 for a nice couch, it may cost you several thousand to make something that ends up not being that great.


 There’s a lot of DIY landscaping that you can do that will end up just fine. Because you won’t have construction equipment that is required to do basic stuff, landscaping work is going to be more about having the time and energy to get the work done, as opposed to having the tools and equipment. Another good thing about DIY landscaping is the fact that you get to look at it and appreciate it later knowing that it was your hard work that went into it.

Home Decoration

 Finally, there is DIY home decoration. Because the inside of your home is essentially going to be a personal experience for you, you will have the best knowledge of what you want to be done regarding color, texture, and other decorations. Hiring an interior designer can be extremely expensive, and they will bring their own biases to the table where is you may not want them.


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