Money For Lunch – Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

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Most of us get bored of our home décor after a while. But, full redecoration or renovation can be terribly expensive – far too expensive to do every time you fancy a change. Fortunately, there are some easy, cost-effective ways to make some changes and refresh the look of your home, without breaking the bank. Here is a look at some of the best.


Painting doesn’t need to be expensive and can instantly make a room look brighter and cleaner, injecting new life into your home. If you don’t want to paint whole rooms just do your radiators, doors, or other small areas. Find a tradesmen to help if you’re not confident of doing a good job on your own.

Add a Feature Wall

Feature walls look fantastic in living areas and bedrooms. They’re a great way to experiment with different colours and patterns without overpowering the eye or being an overly expensive job.


Mirrors are a brilliant way to change the look of a room and work especially well in a small space. Use large feature mirrors to give the illusion of a much bigger area or smaller decorative mirrors to add glamour and sophistication to your rooms.


Decluttering can make your home tidier, neater, make it seem larger, and even reduce your stress levels. Work through one room at a time, throwing away or donating anything you don’t need, then make sure everything you have left has a home and is kept neatly.

Move Furniture

You don’t need to decorate or buy anything to make your home look completely different. Move your existing furniture. Change the focus point of your lounge by moving your seating or open the room up by pushing any large furniture into the corners. You can change the atmosphere and make the room seem larger or smaller by making a few small changes to your positioning.

Hang Prints

Hanging pictures on your walls is a cheap and easy way of adding colour and showing your personality in your décor. Choose photographs and pictures that remind you of happy times or special places. As a cheaper alternative to original art, buy prints or even frame posters.


There are a lot of things you can create yourself and proudly display in your home. Make candle holders or lanterns. Frame collages, paintings, and other art. Learn to crochet and make soft furnishings. Pinterest is a brilliant source of ideas for home crafts you could try.

Buy Second Hand

Charity shops, yard sales, and online stores such as eBay can be a treasure trove of fantastic home accessories and furniture. Browse for ideas or search for furniture and appliances before you commit to buying new. You could even get some great bargains and spend time restoring your finds to glory.

There’s nothing worse than feeling unhappy with your home. It should be a place you feel relaxed and safe. You should love it. You’ll find that making a few small changes helps you to rediscover your passion for your décor and fall back in love with your home.

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