Money For Lunch – Five Factors which You Should Consider before Getting a Horse

Five Factors which You Should Consider before Getting a Horse

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Horses are not like your general pets; they are majestic, intelligent, amazing animals. It is imperative that you conduct a proper research before buying your first horse. A lot of us while growing up desperately wanted and dreamt of owning a horse, and now that you’re an adult that dream can easily be fulfilled, however, you must know some of the basics involved in taking care of a horse. Keeping a horse requires a lot of care, effort, and knowledge for them to survive and reach their full potential. While there is a lot of information regarding the proper caring of horses, but it can get overwhelming for the beginner; the following article will help you get an overview of the basics of horse care.

  1. Expenditure

Finances and expenses are the primary things which you should look into, and you must understand keeping a horse is a very costly affair with its feeding and caring responsibilities. Different breeds of horses come with different price tags, and after the initial expenditure there would still be further expenses for the long term: diet, medication, shelter, stables, also paying someone to look after your horse when you are not around. Veterinary costs will also be there as your horse would need to see the vet regularly.

  1. Nourishment

The grass is not adequate nourishment for your horse. Factors such as age, activities, health, and weather all affect the type and quantity of food that is necessary for your horse. Your horse will not be able to consume enough grass that is required to support himself entirely, and other food items should be included in the diet. Grains, protein, fibers, hay are all essential parts of a healthy and happy horse’s diet and should be provided in abundance.

  1. Shelter and Space

You cannot keep a horse in your backyard unless it is enormous because horses need a lot of space to walk around and also get proper exercise; on an average, about 1 acre of open space is recommended. Horses require a lot of activities and running around; also there should be adequate shelter for your horse to laze around when he feels like staying inside. You might have to rent stables.

  1. Equipments

You will need brushes because your horse must be brushed daily. You will also need to clean out your horse’s hooves regularly as horse-hooves get dirty easily from all the outdoor activities. Hence you will need to have a hoof pick. Hooves can catch small rocks in them which might cut the horse’s foot, giving it not only pain but also infection. You also need to provide blankets and waterproof clothing for your horse as and when required.

Some other considerations which you can take into account are like going to a stable yourself and seeing how horses are kept, what food they are given, for more tips and information on horse-care you can check out TVG Horse Races.


Horses are beautiful creatures, and most of us always wanted to have one of our own. But it is essential for you to know what you are in for before you buy a horse. It takes a lot of effort to see your horses thrive, so you should get proper information before getting one.

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