Money For Lunch – Health and Homes- Resource for General Safety and Cleaning Services

Health and Homes- Resource for General Safety and Cleaning Services

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Protecting your home and family is crucial for your peace of mind. Everyone needs to be aware of the hazards that may compromise their wellbeing and take safety precautions. There are various causes of avoidable injuries and health issues that can be dealt with through proper planning and organization.

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • For the kitchen, it is essential to maintain a safe distance from flammable objects such as plastics and curtains as well as sources of fire such as stoves, portable heaters and ovens. Use all cleaning solutions and possibly harmful products with caution.
  • Make sure that you follow all the instructions and keep all products out children and pets’ reach. Sharp objects like knives and other tools should never be left unattended or be misplaced.
  • Ensure that electrical cords are not draped across the stove, counter or kitchen appliances. Leave enough space around the appliances for ventilation.
  • Keep all electrical appliances in the bathroom away from moisture and wrap them accordingly. Use non-skid floor mats and strips. The bathroom should always be clean, dry and as organized as possible.


Never smoke in your bedroom and always makes sure that all items are safely kept away from sources of heat or fire. Choose a mattress that features flame resistance. People are vulnerable while they sleep and it is advisable to maintain a safe environment.


The garage is usually the place where people keep most of their equipment and tools. Take the necessary precautions when dealing with chemicals and flammable liquids or anything that produces fumes. Lock up poisonous substances and keep the out of reach. An organized and clean garage is important because many tools are dangerous, sharp and heavy.


Keep the steps of your stairs dry and clean. Install sturdy and table railing on the sides and make sure there is a narrow distance between them to prevent infants and children from falling through them. Invest in proper lighting for the stairs. Visit

Checklist for Hiring Maids

If you have not previously hired a maid service, it can seem like a challenging task since it involves inviting someone you do not know to clean your home. There are a number of questions that you can ask to ensure that you hire the right cleaning service for your needs. Before you commit to a specific cleaner, you can meet prospective maids or services and find out more about what they have to offer. 


Checking references is a vital step that enables you to go through reviews on credible sites during your search. You can check to see whether numerous complaints have been made about the service and ask about the company’s insurance coverage. These inquiries are a good way to start the process of hiring a maid service.


Ask about the service provider’s experience and find out if background checks have been performed on staff. Homeowners should also verify whether or not the same cleaning crew will clean their houses every time.


Request for rates and information regarding how they will be cleaning your house. It is important to know the products that the cleaners will use and the options that are available. Costs for cleaning are varied and based on factors like the size of a house, whether you have children or pets, flooring and contents of the home.


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