Money For Lunch – How to be a charitable company?

How to be a charitable company?

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Involving your company in charitable giving is one of the best things you could do for your business and your employees. It can provide you with networking opportunities, boost the morale of your employees, give you more exposure and improve your public relations, and unite your work force, which can all contribute to increasing the success of your company.

What you have to take into account before you decide to organize charitable giving in your company is to recognize whether or not you can afford it. As long as you’re taking in a stable profit and have some to spare, charitable giving is an option. But, if you have outstanding debts that you’re already struggling with, you should probably look into a company voluntary arrangement and wait until you’re back on your feet before you start making big plans. In the meantime, you always have the option of non-monetary charitable contributions. Within your company you can organize small fundraisers among your employees or simply dot a few donation boxes around the office for people to donate what they can.

Sponsor a Charity

One way to be a charitable company is to choose a relevant and worthy cause to sponsor. By choosing a cause to regularly donate to that relates to your field of business you can develop a close relationship with your chosen charity or foundation. You could sponsor fundraising events that the charity organizes, which will provide you with advertising and good publicity. You could also use your own products or services to promote the non-profit organisation your sponsored and they could do vice versa. It’s a give and take relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

Donate your services

If you don’t have products to donate or enough money to regularly donate to a charity you have the option of donating your services. There are quite a few companies that provide their services to non-profit organisations for free and often they will be thanked and promoted through the organisation’s social media and general newsletters. You could either donate your services or products for free – an option for those that have the profit to spare – or you could give special discounts to non-profit organisations. Money isn’t everything and anything you can do to help will be appreciated.

Get everyone involved

Employees and clients are equally as important and through charity work you could establish your company as one that prioritizes community. By hosting or funding events and donating the proceeds to charity you could boost the morale of your employees and improve your relationship with the public. It could be something as simple as scheduling regular charity lunches that could improve the atmosphere in your workplace. To get your clients and customers involved you could also organize seasonal sales or bring in special products that would entail a portion of the proceeds going to charity. There are all sorts of creative and clever ways for you to reach out to people and urge them to help a worthy cause.
Making your company a more charitable one is a rewarding experience and every step you take, no matter how small, towards helping out a cause could make a huge difference.

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