Money For Lunch – Never Miss Out On Your Favorite Programming Again

Never Miss Out On Your Favorite Programming Again

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If you love to travel and love to view your favorite programs but are always on the road, there is a way you can see your programs without missing one minute.

What this restriction means is that streaming or downloading programs in areas you do not live is unrestricted when you visit these areas of the country.

The problem is that while you can get your favorite programming schedules at home, most of your channels become blocked when you are outside of your viewing area.

There are ways you can view restricted programming when traveling from one location to another by using an “unblocker” such as, but not limited to VPN or Smart DNS Proxy.

The question is, “You pay a monthly charge for viewing your favorite programs, should you not be able to continue watching these programs when you are on the road?” The answer is “Yes.”

You can do this through purchasing an “unlocator” when you are out of your viewing area. Some examples would be a VPN or a Smart DNS Proxy. Either one of these services bypasses location restrictions while you travel and both are excellent options.

How VPN and Smart DNS Proxy are Similar

.   Both bypass location restrictions
.   Both hides your location
.   Both offer ease in setup in seconds

VPN Services through Rank, Provider, and Link

.   Sign in using username and password
.   Follow easy directions
.   Traffic is encrypted and hidden
.   No one knows you are using an unblocker nor does anyone know your location
.   A low-quality VPN service slows up your Internet
.   A high-quality VPN service is much faster
.   Provides applications for Android, MAC, PC, and IOS
.   All sites while traveling is unblocked
.   You are no longer able to access your local channels unless you use a router
.   VPN does not work with a Smart TV and other devices you try to use
.   VPN works with over 300 servers located globally
.   VPN protects you from MITM and Hijacking attacks
.   It is not recommended to use VPN to stream content because it is too slow and content is of poor quality

Smart DNS Proxy

  • All your devices (over 12) work with this Proxy as long as you change the DNS IPs on all devices and router
  • Offers easy directions for setup and installation
  • Does not affect your fast Internet speed
  • Not all sites work
  • Does work for most sites in the United States
  • Access to resident sites
  • Easy to change regions and view areas
  • Increased efficiency
  • Excellent quality
  • Requires no software
  • Cost efficient
  • Seasoned service
  • Streams and download capacity
  • Allows for a 14-day free trial

In Conclusion

In the end, you are the one who must decide whether a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy better fits your needs. Some of the options for of one brand work well for some people, but they may not work well for you. You have to weigh the differences decide.


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