Money For Lunch – Paid Essay Writing: Pros and Cons

Paid Essay Writing: Pros and Cons

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We will not cover an ethical aspect here because we are sure you are already well tired of lectures regarding ethical behavior in college or university. Honor codes are similar in every educational institution, but the question is, do the representatives of those institutions follow the same rules they try to impose on students? The average student spends more than 55 hours a week for his or her classes and home assignments, often much more. The pressure increases year after year which causes cognitive and psychological problems. So in this piece, we will discuss only technical pros and cons of paid essay writing help, leaving it up to you to decide whether it is ethical or not in your particular situation to use it.

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Pros of Paid Essay Writing Help

  1. You buy not only a paper, but time. In the book “The Defining Decade. Why Your Twenties Matter – And How to Make the Most of Them Now” Meg Jane proves that what you achieve before 30s defines your life till the end of it. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, this is true. To what extent does essay writing prepare you for real life? What difference does it make, especially speaking about papers on so-called “obligatory” syllabus topics which have nothing to do with the essence of your discipline. Expert writing help buys you time to do much more important things, which will have a real impact on your future success in life: side job, free online courses, personal projects, experiments, networking, etc.
  2. You pay for quality. Students say that there are two situations suitable for buying a paper from a reliable essay writing service: you don’t care about the course and you care about it extremely. In the first case, you don’t want to deal with the paper yourself not to waste time on something not interesting to you. In the second case you care so much about the result, or getting the highest grade is so crucial that you just need the impeccable quality and you are ready to pay for it.
  3. You get a model paper you can use more than once. Of course, you can submit it only one time, but you can learn from it and use that knowledge for writing the upcoming essays. You will see how professionals conduct research, make formatting, approach composing thesis statements, and you can employ all those techniques further. Unfortunately, even the best course books can’t be as good as the example paper written in a strict accordance with your professor’s demands.
  4. You pay for a writer but receive a mentor. Reliable and respectful writing companies allow direct communication with the writer assigned to deal with your project. It means you can discuss the process with him or her, ask questions and learn. You will not be judged, you will talk with an understanding and friendly professional author both willing to help you academically and support you personally.

Cons of Paid Essay Writing Assistance

  1. Your ideas might be challenged. Of course, your word is the most valuable one, but when you hire a professional writer you should be ready to protect your ideas and prove their validity. There are writers who can write anything just to earn money, but true experts try to give you alternative ideas if they decide your approach will hard the final result. Be patient, don’t give up on your views and beliefs easily, but also don’t be too rigid, as you might miss valuable advice this way. Try to cooperate, and you will definitely be understood. The best papers written are written on the edge of writer’s professionalism and customers idealism.
  2. It is not cheap. There are more and less expensive academic writing services online, but still, their help might burden your budget. However, tutors cost more and if you are not ready to pay for a long process of making your own writing better, buying a paper seems like a wise and affordable option. It might be beneficial to choose an academic agency able of dealing with all levels of assignments and work with it continuously, as normally they have bonuses and discounts for loyal clients. Another lifehack is to order an essay as early as possible because the price for early birds and the price for the last-minute customers differ drastically.
  3. You can get scammed. This refers to any online transaction, be it buying a pair of socks or buying several papers. So you should be very careful when ordering an academic essay online. Check the company online, look for some feedback on student forums, etc.

We tried to be as objective as we could regarding this issue, and we hope that we helped you make your mind. Don’t waste your time on tasks you don’t like, ask for help when you really need it, but stay cautious and check the agency before you buy from it.





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