Money For Lunch – Real Estate Investment: The Best Move You’ll Ever Make

Real Estate Investment: The Best Move You’ll Ever Make

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Real estate is one of the best investments you can make, hands down. We love real estate because of the fun you can have in the market, and the many different routes that you can actually go down. There’s tons of money to be made, and there’s tons of ways that that money can then be reinvested to make even more money, or at least to protect the assets that you’ve gained. Make no mistake, like with any investment it does come with risks, and you will have to carefully manage your finances and your decisions to ensure you aren’t going to go down the wrong path. But don’t let that put you off as this is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Here’s why.

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The Different Areas

There are many different areas of real estate that you could go into, these are divided into both commercial real estate and residential. A lot of people enjoy residential a lot more, but that’s not to say there’s more money to be made there. Commercial is working with businesses, and businesses are usually looking to rent rather than buy. So, with this one you’ve got more of a long term investment. But, the thing about businesses is that they have a lot of money, and as long as the size of the office space and the location is good, they’re often willing to pay more than you would find if you were renting out a residential apartment or house. However, acquiring a group of offices to sell is a lot harder than finding a apartment to buy and then rent out. You could always dabble in development, but that’s going to take a lot of money, knowledge and time. If commercial doesn’t appeal to you, then you really should try out residential. One great thing to try is property flipping as it gives you that room for creative and imagination that will allow you to turn a home from rags to riches. There is potentially so much money to be made from this area.

Asset Protection

Now, there is a lot of money to be made from real estate, and you’re going to need somewhere to invest or protect your assets to make sure you’re not losing out, and to make sure you’re increasing your potential. One great way of doing it is through blockchain, a method that companies such as IHT have built their business on. It works by investment your assets into cryptocurrency, which should be then further help economical investment. It then allows you to become a shareholder, and you should be able to increase the money that you’ve already built a foundation on. There are other methods of asset investment and development, but this one is one of the most futuristic and interesting.

Taking It International

The property market is great, but have you ever explored what it would be like to dabble in it if it was in a different country? Holiday properties are always in demand, and there can be a hell of a lot of money made going down this route. What you could get for your money here, you could almost get double in another country. Plus, it gives you a chance to take a little holiday abroad to explore what the market is like. Countries such as Spain, USA, UK, Tenerife etc. are all great places that you should be looking at. The markets in the UK might not be the best, but outsiders are always looking to rent. The US is perfect because people are always wanting holiday villas for their stay, and you can just get so much space in a villa in the US. Spain is the best for brits and other Europeans desperately trying to find a bit of sun, and looking to rent any sort of apartment that offers a good view and location. Buying a property outright won’t be as expensive as it would in other countries, and the price you can charge to rent it out for the week will more than make up for it. The only thing you’re going to have to deal with is the fact that all of your custom will come through the warmer months. During the summer you might find you have next to nothing coming in from your investment.

So, hopefully now you can see why real estate investment is one of the best routes you can go down. If you dabble in real estate, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome!


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